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Bad Beauty Habits: Part I

Skincare by Alana gives you Bad Beauty Habits you should quit or treat!When it comes to our beauty rituals, it is highly likely that we have (consciously or not) participated in some of the so-called Bad Beauty Habits that I want to talk about today! Many of us have indulged in them. Many of us know they are bad. But we still keep calm and carry on in our daily routines, taking the here and now over the then and later. Well, that stops today!

Whether you are willing to give up your sinful beauty indulgences or not, it is my absolute pleasure to deliver you the 10 Bad Beauty Habits, and ways to mend and prevent them, of course!

So Without Further Ado… Enjoy ;)

  • Bad BeSkincare by Alana brings you Bad Beauty Habits and ways to fix or repair the damages done by them!auty Habit #1—Chewing or Picking Your Nails—Okay, yes, chewing and picking is the natural equivalent of the damages incurred by acrylic and gel nails, but must we really indulge in any such habit that damages the crown jewels of our hands? For those of you who plead guilty, do not fret, I have solutions for you!

Fixer Uppers?

Mavala Stop for Nail Biting
Dermalogica MultiVitamin Hand and Nail Treatment
Gerda Spillmann Nail Elastic

  • Bad Beauty Habit #2—Hitting the Hay with Your Makeup On—I know, I know, you wiped your makeup off with a towelette (and if Skincare by Alana brings you Bad Beauty Habits and Fixer Uppers to treat or repair those problems!it were a Dermalogica Purifying Wipe, I may let this one slide), but the truth about wipes is that they usually don’t get your skin as makeup-free as some of our favorite Skincare by Alana cleansers!

Fixer Uppers?

Cleanse! Cleanse! & Cleanse!

I especially love cleansers from Dermalogica, Rhonda Allison, Epicuren, or Image Skincare!

Be sure to watch my video about Rhonda Allison. Home of one of my favorite cleansers and many other natural skin care products!

  • Bad Beauty Habit #3—Flat Ironing Your Hair Everyday—Yes, I know, your hair Skincare by Alana brings you Bad Beauty Habits and Fixer Uppers to treat or repair those problems!looks better straight and it will look like a “total mess” if you do not indulge in this damaging daily practice. Just know that there is no other way to quickly turn your beautiful, silky smooth hair into a jagged, broken, and crisp masterpiece.

Fixer Uppers?

Use 12 Benefits Instant Healthy Hair Treatment! Yes, you really do get 12 benefits in this ultra-nourishing delight, such as thermal and UV protection!

  • Bad Beauty Habit #4—Blowing Off Your A.M. Workout—I am not a morning person so this is so hard for me to do, Skincare by Alana brings you Bad Beauty Habits and Fixer Uppers to treat or repair those problems!especially now that I have a little boy. But taking him to the park first thing in the morning gets me motivated to do some power lunges!

Fixer Uppers?
Try Osmosis Energized UV Protection Harmonized Energy! It works to improve energy and enhance athletic performance, giving you the perfect energized start to your oh-so-busy day!

  • Skincare by Alana brings you Bad Beauty Habits and Fixer Uppers to treat or repair those problems!Bad Beauty Habit #5—Getting Lazy About Washing Your Makeup Brushes— Believe it or not, I actually disagree with the commonly recommended brush-cleaning tips. Commonly Witch Hazel is an astringent, which can dry out and tighten pores, all while removing excess oils, so don’t’ use that!

Fixer Uppers?

Try Glo Minerals Brush Cleaner instead to avoid bacterial growth and color build up!

Stay Tuned for Part II of Bad Beauty Habits!



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