About Fillerina

Fillerina is a premium product line for face skincare owned by Labo, the Italian subsidiary of the Swiss company Labo Cosprophar AG. Both professional and scientific companies constantly work to research and formulate revolutionary cosmetic products.

Since 2007, Labo has been conducting research geared toward finding a cosmetic at-home method of rejuvenating the superficial face and neck cutaneous tissues through the use of hyaluronic acid. With this ingredient, the brand has managed to create an innovative and unique formulation that can be used as both a non-injectable filler and topical moisturizer, providing long-lasting hydration while also addressing lines and wrinkles around the mouth, eyes, neck, and decolletage areas.

Since the release of the Fillerina company in 2012, the revolutionary dermo-cosmetic filler treatment, Fillerina Gel, has been helping women plump problem areas and reduce wrinkle depth without the pain of injections! Through the use of the patented precision applicators, you can now have fuller lips, softened expression lines, and firmed and tightened neck and decolletage areas while in the comfort of your own home!


The groundbreaking Fillerina Gel combines six types of Hyaluronic Acid, with different molecular weights and structures, to provide long-lasting volume to your skin. This innovative formula fills in deep wrinkles and fine lines over time by promoting the reconstruction of natural substances such as collagen.

Clinical Results

It has been clinically proven and published in the "Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology" that Fillerina Gel produces a positive filling effect by reducing skin aging and wrinkle depth by up to 68% after an average usage period of 12 weeks. The formulation also offers superior hydration for all skin types including sensitive skin!

To further improve the results of the product, it's recommended by the Labo experts to drink 2 glasses of water before applying Fillerina Gel as Hyaluronic Acid molecules bind to water molecules. Fillerina is a cosmetic product for external use only.

Customer Reviews

"[Fillerina Long Lasting Durable Effect Neck & Cleavage] Great product! Made a huge improvement on my neck instantly. Will definitely continue to use." - natella11 06/22/2021

"[Fillerina® Lip Plump] I love this product. I have chronically dry lips that are always peeling and sore and I can’t leave the house without my chapstick. Since I started using this plumper, I haven’t had to use my chapstick in weeks. It has also helped smooth or blur the lines around my lips. Another win for Fillerina." - Wendy C. 12/5/2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fillerina an injection?

No, Fillerina is applied topically through the patented precision applicator. There is no need for needles!

Can you use Fillerina every day?

The Fillerina filling treatment should be used consecutively for 14 days for the best results. However, as the treatment is 30 ml, it's fine to continue using the treatment for longer than 14 days until it's empty.

It's recommended to use the treatment every 3-4 months.

What do the product's grades mean?

Fillerina’s different grades indicate different concentrations of active ingredients. This allows you to find the best treatment that will address your personal concerns.

Can different grades be mixed?

Yes! All product grades can be mixed. For example, treatments can be combined with other grade Creams as you may need a higher grade to fill in fine lines and wrinkles, but a lower grade to see plumping benefits of the cheeks and lips.

How long does Fillerina last?

These cosmetic effects are temporary. If you want to maintain the results, it's recommended to repeat the treatment every 3-4 months. The Fillerina brand also offers products like the Fillerina Day and Night Creams to help maintain achieved effects.

Can Fillerina products be used while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Fillerina can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding, however, always consult your doctor before use.

What are Fillerina's Best Sellers?

Nourishing film

The Nourishing Film ensures that the skin of the face benefits from maximum comfort and nutrition thanks to the contribution made by hydrating and revitalizing substances.

Perfect as a day cream or a night cream, it leaves the skin bright and silky.

Fillerina® Lip Plump

6 Hyaluronic Acid Molecules naturally re-hydrate the lips to provide a gradual increase in lip volume with results lasting up to 3 months.

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