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La Bella Donna Blush Candlelight Cream Colour

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La Bella Donna Down To Earth Eye Shadows

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La Bella Donna Mineral Makeup

La Bella Donna has taken a completely new approach to makeup by using quality minerals in their products.

The founders of the brand wanted to create a healthy alternative to chemical based makeup.

The minerals in La Bella Donne foundation help to naturally balance moisture levels on the skin, without being fully absorbed like many other products.

This means your skin is left with a healthy, natural glow.

La Bella Donna Foundation

La Bella Donna creates pure, mineral foundation formulas that are amazing for your skin.

Due to the refractive properties of the foundation, wrinkles and fine lines will be less noticeable on your skin.

La Bella Donna Light SPF

The mineral properties of the La Bella Donna Light SPF enable it to remain on the skin all day, without being washed off by water or sweat. This SPF will protect your skin all day long!

However, it will come off easily once used with a gentle facial cleanser.

La Bella Donna Is Environmentally Friendly

La Bella Donna only uses pure, natural minerals that are good for the environment.

La Bella Donna Reviews

"La Bella Donna Mineral powder is a very good foundation. It provides good coverage without looking too heavy. It lasts all day which is great! The sample set is a good way to determine which color is the best match with your skin tone." - Marjorie M.

"Very nice amazing La Bella Donna mineral powder. It' great that they offer the 3 sample sizes to determine your shade. I had to try a few of them to be sure. That way you are not stuck with the wrong color and not waste money. I find Skincare by Alana a very good site to order products. Good products and prices. Will order again." - Carmen A.

"Has all the best ingrédients (green tea, gotu kola, sodium hylauronate and niacinamide). I can even apply it around my eyes and I can rarely do that. Great product, don't ever discontinue. Good anti-aging!" - Marie-Claude R.

"Makes me look prettier." - Susie K.

Where to buy La Bella Donna Mineral Foundation?

You can purchase all La Bella Donna products at Skincare By Alana.

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