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Skincare Quiz and Product Finder

Want to do a live video consultation with Alana? Click here to book! If you’re seeking some skincare solutions, you’re in the right place! My Skincare Quiz is the easiest way to find the perfect skincare routine for yourself today. In just 7 easy questions, you’ll finally get the answer to your burning question: What skin care routine is best for me? 

I promise. 

With some guidance by me, Alana Mitchell, this “What skincare routine should i have” quiz will be done in the time it takes to press the snooze button on your alarm clock..No lies.

Here are some questions that you can expect to have clarity on come the end of the quiz: 

What are good skin care routines? 

Have you been lost on the “one-size-fits-all” train for, like, ever? Let’s get you back on track and uncover the exact skincare routine you need for a glowing complexion. There’s so much more than just a cleanser-toner-moisturizer situation and I can’t wait to unlock the exact formulas you need! 

What are the best skin care routines? 

The truth? It varies! There’s no “best” for everyone. It’s unique to you and today you’ll find what that “best” is in just 7 quick, easy steps. 

Do skincare routines work?

Whoa, now. Did you really ask me that? Just kidding! If you’re fed up with your current skincare routine, I totally understand why you’d be wondering this. Luckily, with the right products in place, based on your lifestyle, you will find a routine that does work for you...once and for all. 

What skincare routine for acne? 

Ugh, breakouts. They are rough, I know! Inside this quick skin care quiz I uncover the exact routine you need to say goodbye to breakouts for good

What skin care routine is best for me? 

Your answer awaits...are you ready to find out? Go on, ask me, I have your answer!


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