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Image Skincare, created by Janna Ronert in 2003, is an international company that designs and distributes scientifically engineered pharmaceutical-grade products. These professional products use only the highest grade ingredients and have been created and developed by chemists, scientists and physicians to ensure safety and effectiveness. This innovative company has made it its mission to create products free of the controversial chemical paraben. Paraben is part of a group of chemicals used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals as a preservative.

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Paraben is surrounded by controversy, with some cases showing strong evidence of its association with adverse health risks and estrogen activity. Since 2007, Image Skin Care has excluded this chemical from all of its products and has vowed not to include it in the future. In addition to the removal of this chemical, Image Skin Care products do not contain petrochemicals or chemical preserves and the company does not test its products on animals. In addition, all scents are made from essential oils and the brand ensures environmentally safe practices.

Image Skin Care products are easy to use and understand. All of the Image items available for purchase are color coded into five different groups according to your needs: 1) wrinkles or ageless, 2) sun damage or sun protection, 3) acne or clear cell, 4) rosacea, moisturization, or vital C, and 5) stressed skin. All of the groups have great anti-aging potential. This simple and efficient system makes choosing a category an effortless task that will allow you to select the product that is most suitable for your skincare needs. Check out Image's Vital C and Ageless trial kits: They run for about $20 per kit, last one week and we'll even let you try the line before you make your final purchase.

Each product line is color-coded for a specific design intention. For example, the green line is ormedic, or created with organic compounds and soothing botanicals for skin repair and rebalance.

Orange is the vital C line, which is high in antioxidants to add skin protection and nutrition for damaged, dry, stressed or fatigued skin. This line is perfect for anyone suffering from sensitive skin, eczema, rosacea or who has been exposed to damaging environmental conditions. The antioxidants will stop the cycles of free radicals and protect and repair damaged cells.

The gray line, or ageless line, contains AHA blends, nutripeptides, retinols, lightening agents and antioxidants to revitalize skin that has become dull or tired with the natural aging process.

Clear cell, or the blue line, is medicated to help fight and prevent acne, and is also ideal for those people who may be prone to oily skin.

The yellow line is for prevention. It acts not only as a high intensity zinc sunscreen, but also stem cell imbued moisturizer, botanical SPF booster and it contains a DNA Protection Complex.

The bronze line is the body spa line. This line was designed to promote healthy overall well-being. This line not only treats the top layer of the skin but also penetrates deep into the skin to provide care at the cellular level. This can be used to improve skin, fight aging and firm and exfoliate targeted problem areas.

The purple line is the I-Peel line, which has all natural ingredients like aloe vera, papaya, green tea, and Vitamin C. This line will act as a face peel to treat wrinkles, blemishes and uneven skin pigmentation.

Image Skin Care products can be mixed and matched to create the perfect combination of skincare that will suit your unique needs. In addition, Image Skin Care has launched products that target specific needs such as masques, lightening serums and eye creams and gels. Use these products twice a day in a simple daily program for a complete skin care offensive. For more tips on skin care products and day spas, check out our Skin Care Blog.

Image Skincare's focus can be summarized in one word: Simplicity. It is often said that the best things in life are simple, and Image Skincare exemplifies that notion. All of its products yield eye-catching results in a simple and beautiful way.

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Getting Results From Image Skincare

What makes Image Skincare products so desirable is the pureness of the formulas that they utilize - once you try them, you will see and feel an immediate difference. Image Skincare promises nothing less than "maximum results with a minimal investment," and that is exactly what you will get if you invest in their products.

Purchasing Image Skincare products
Image Skincare products are professionally formulated products that have been uniquely designed by world-renowned chemists and physicians. The treatments should be customized and blended together in unique programs. Because this skincare regimen is customized for each individual, the combinations require professional consultations. Image Skincare products are designed by professionals and, for that reason, Image Skincare maintains a strict policy never to sell its products in standardized marketplaces. The products cannot be found or purchased in retail stores or through average online beauty product distributers. Because these formulas are very powerful and concentrated, the brand sees its users not as consumers, but as clients or patients. Image Skincare products can only be purchased through certified physicians or medical spas and should only be used under the direction of a medical professional. Image Skin Care has developed a comprehensive customer service center that can help locate the closest professional institutions that offer treatments with their beauty skincare solutions.

The Skincare by Alana Difference
Image Skincare places substantial focus not only on the products themselves, but also the integrity in which they sell their products. That is why they are available for sale only through a professional retailer such as Skincare by Alana. Image does not allow sales via shopping carts, so please call us to order. Buy Image Skincare and experience the timeless beauty of such a quality brand.


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