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About Vita Liberata Natural Self Tan

Vita Liberata makes self tanning beauty items using all natural and organic ingredients.

Their exclusive line of skin tanning items moisturizes and hydrates the skin while naturally tanning.

Vita Liberata lets you easily choose between light, medium, or dark shades.

Vita Liberata Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Vita Liberata tan last?

The majority of Vita Liberata self tan items will last 4-7 days.

What is the best Vita Liberata tanning product?

The Vita Liberata Body Blur Instant HD Skin Finish is one of the top rated items.

How do you apply the tanning products?

Shake well before applying. Apply the product to clean, exfoliated skin. Let it develop on the skin for 8 hours then rinse with warm water.

What results do you see with the self tan products?

You'll see hydrated, moisturized skin in any shade that you desire when using the Vita Liberata self tanning products.

What skin shade can you get with a Vita Liberata self tan?

You can achieve a light, medium, or dark skin shade depending on the look you want and the skin type you have.

Are Vita Liberata self tan products cruelty free?

Yes, these tanning products are 100% cruelty free.

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