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Epicuren Herbal Cleanser

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Epicuren Acne Treatments

This is one of the top lines of 2022! The brand offers a broad range of scientifically advanced acne treatments that are packed with potent healers. Cleansing, detoxifying and soothing all-natural ingredients, like jojoba seed oil, vitamin E and volcanic ash, work alongside antiseptic medicines like salicylic acid to gently clear away the pores and prevent the recurrence of blemishes. Select acne products are also made with eco-friendly microcrystals that exfoliate for a flawlessly smooth and refined state.

This line offers acne treatments items for oily skin, like the Clarify Cleanser, as well as acne treatments for dry skin, like the Lancer Gel. Try a complete set of the acne treatments with the Acneic Kit. This lets you try five of the brands most potent anti-acne formulas.

After Bath Lotions

The After Bath Moisturizer is jam-packed with a variety of nourishing ingredients like jojoba oil, shea butter, avocado oil and rosemary extract. These delightful post-bath potions restore hydration after a hot bath, leaving behind silky smooth skin that radiates. We carry a huge assortment of After Bath formulas, including refreshing Orange Blossom and Tahitian Vanilla. The Kukui Coconut scent is a fan favorite!

Each body lotion has its own unique formula that's designed to bring complete hydration to your skin. All products from this line can be mixed with essential oils or other moisturizers for a deep, aromatic after bath experience. These pure, potent moisturizers are designed for all skin types, even for excessively dry or sensitive.

Skin Trial Kits

Designed specifically for your unique concern, each kit includes five travel-sized packets of the best brand products. The Dry & Anti-Aging Trial Kit comes with a set of anti-aging products that combat age-related concerns like wrinkles, fine lines, sagging and discoloration.

Fragrance Free Sunscreen

Kick your sun care regimen up a notch with naturally enriched, fragrance-free Sunscreen. Infused with pure and protective key ingredients like zinc oxide, rosemary extract, propolis and vitamin E, these sunscreen formulas are indulgent and essential. Each lotion offers imperative, broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection without leaving the skin feeling greasy or irritated.

Skincare By Alana offers Epicuren Sunscreen products ranging from the Zinc Oxide, an SPF 27 sunscreen that has no harmful chemicals or parabens, to the X-Treme Cream with 45+ SPF. These lightweight, non-greasy sunscreens are particularly formulated for your lifestyle - choose the sports formula when you anticipate all-day sweating, or try the X-Treme formula if you want additional protection while you swim. Please note that some of these sunscreens contain propolis, so they're not recommended for people with bee allergies.


These sprays are designed to enliven the skin throughout the day by delivering nutrients to its most deprived layers. Formulated with nature's best enhancers, like Brazilian bee propolis, aloe leaf extract, algae derivatives and mushroom extracts, these mists and toners have the capacity to restore, calm, hydrate and revive the skin instantly. The toner is formulated with the brand's proprietary Metadermabolic Enzyme, a bio-synergistic blend of B vitamins and proteins that helps correct age-related skin concerns like loss of elasticity and unevenness.

Skincare By Alana offers Epicuren mists and toners for all types, including dry, normal, combination, oily and sensitive. The Protein Mist Enzyme Toner and Soothe Dermal Repair Mist, are great for boosting the skin's dermal metabolism to treat the overall health and appearance of aging. We also offer hydrating and refreshing mists, like the Colostrum Hydrating Mist, that increase the skin's production of moisture.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Restore your hair's luster, shine and body using these shampoos and conditioners. These products all feature vitamin-rich formulas that are overflowing with vitamins A, C and E to help the hair produce a healthy level of hydration that encourages all-over shine and volume. Epicuren shampoo and conditioner has no chemicals, fragrances, colorants or alcohols.

We carry a variety of Epicuren hair products, including the popular Propolis Shampoo that's infused with Brazilian bee propolis that gently strips strands of harmful product buildup that can weigh down hair.

We also offer Epicuren conditioner, hydrating milk and hydrating mist designed specifically for people with dry, brittle hair who need an extra boost of moisture and shine. The Colostrum Mist, a revitalizing conditioner, can also be used to quench extremely dry hair.

Epicuren Scrubs

These scrubs are designed to thoroughly refine, smooth, exfoliate and polish your face and body. Using vegan ingredients like nut extracts, fruit oils and plant extracts, these scrubs are potent but still gentle enough for all skin types. This line's facial and body scrubs are different because they use all-natural, eco-friendly emollients and exfoliants like bamboo micro-crystals and finely ground fruit seeds to polish and slough away pore-trapped free radicals. 

You can order a broad selection of potent body scrubs, including the indulgent Cinnamon Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub that softens and soothes skin all over while emitting a light but alluring aroma. We also offer beneficial facial scrubs and exfoliants, like the Apricot Facial Scrub & Exfoliant and Tri-Crystal Microderm Scrub, that are formulated to renew and refine aging skin while still ensuring that it is well-hydrated.

Epicuren Moisturizers

With fruit and plant extracts , each moisturizer is formulated for deep hydration that helps restore your skin from the inside out. This brand offers an assortment of safe, beneficial moisturizing products, including serums, creams and gels that are uniquely formulated to restore a healthy level of moisture to the skin without causing excessive hydration, redness or oily skin.

Top products, like the Noni Elixir, Hydroplus Moisturizer and Bulgarian Rose Otto naturally nourish the skin at every level. Healing botanical extracts like Bulgarian rose oil, chamomile leaf oil and rosemary work alongside refreshing fruit extracts and nourishing vitamin complexes to provide your skin with the nutrients it needs for a healthy, happy glow. These moisturizers not only restore hydration, they also help combat common concerns like fine lines, puffiness, redness and wrinkles.

Epicuren Massage Oils

Emulate a spa-like experience at home! The massage oil and body oil helps to relax the skin and mind without causing irritation or redness. These products are also packed with potent additives that can actually aid in increasing circulation and soothing tired muscles and joints. Each oil is rich in vitamin- and nutrient-packed fruit oils and botanical extracts.

Use the Herbal Liniment Rub Massage Oil to reduce inflammation and increase muscle circulation naturally. This delightful massage oil is great for use in steam rooms.

Epicuren Makeup Remover

Gently remove makeup using formulas that are safe enough for ultra-sensitive skin. Properly removing makeup with products that are right for your skin type is imperative to reducing damage, including blemishes, redness, irritation and infection. The makeup removers all feature chemical-free, fragrance-free additives derived from the Earth to mildly slough away makeup that has become lodged in the pores.

Crystal Clear Makeup Remover is a safe eye makeup remover for sensitive skin. This velvety gel formula not only thoroughly clears away eye makeup, including liner, mascara and shadow, but also works to strengthen eyelashes and restore the delicate skin surrounding the eye.


These lip items not only help rejuvenate dry, chapped lips, but actually help address age-related lip concerns like lip thinning and wrinkles. This lip balm is also infused with UV-filtering compounds that effectively shield the lips from the penetration of UVB and UVA rays that can cause wrinkling, swelling and serious sun-related damage. These are daily, moisturizing lip balms with broad-spectrum sunscreen for year-round use. We carry popular Epicuren lip balms , like the Anti-Aging Tea Tree Lip Balm Pot, that are infused with soothing, restorative ingredients derived from the earth. Effective key components like tea tree oil, coconut fruit extract and pomegranate sterols act as all-natural antifungals, antibacterial and antiviral essentials. Age-fighting additives and UV filters help soothe and protect the lips from additional damage.

Epicuren Glycolic

These glycolic items are an ideal solution for people who want to treat stubborn skin concerns like large pores, sun damage, discoloration, unevenness, fine lines and wrinkles at once. These are infused with a potent percentage of glycolic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid that exfoliates the skin by dissolving the substance that binds dead skin cells together. When you reduce dead skin buildup on the skin, you enhance its ability to generate healthier, smoother and more youthful looking skin cells. We carry a variety of glycolic peels, including Glycolic Lotion Skin Peel with 5 percent or 10 percent glycolic acid. They use a concentrated blend of glycolic acid plus water to exfoliate the skin and boost cellular turnover rate to encourage new cell generation for a fresher, more youthful appearance. These skin peels should be used between one and three times per week in the evening.

Epicuren Gifts and Sets

Give your skin care regimen a complete overhaul with these multi-product Six-Step Systems and skin care kits. Each kit is designed for specific skin types, including dry and anti-aging skin, oily or problematic skin, sensitive skin and acneic skin, and comes with all the essentials you need to effectively restore your skin to its best state.

The trial kits allow new users to try Epicuren risk-free without the price and commitment of buying full-sized products. Skincare By Alana offers a full selection of travel sets, including the Handbag Trios that come with three paraben-free products plus an essential on-the-go carrying case.

We also offer concern-specific skin care kits that come with all the products required to comprehensively target your most stubborn skin issues, plus the six-step treatment systems that come with three months' worth of gifts.

Epicuren Face Masks

Restore the skin's vitality while encouraging smoother, more youthful skin using these naturally potent Epicuren masks. Each mask, peel and powder is formulated to help treat unique-to-you skin concerns like dehydration, irritation/redness, blemishes and aging-related skin issues. Epicuren masks are different because they're made with aged volcanic ash (bentonite), Volcanic Clay and a complete bouquet of soothing, nourishing and healing botanical extracts and fruit oils. 

Epicuren Eye Creams

Energize, refresh and renew aging under and around the eyes using potent eye treatments. Infused with restorative ingredients that are gentle enough to fully regenerate the delicate area beneath the eyes. This Eye Cream can help de-age this sensitive area by effectively targeting age-related eye concerns like tired-looking skin, fine lines, under-eye circles and darkening.

 Natural anti-inflammatories like guarana extract and horse chestnut extract work to reduce puffiness around the eyes, while potent hydrators like coconut oil and panthenol give the nutrients it needs to maintain a healthy level of moisture.

Epicuren Enzyme Concentrate

The Enzyme Concentrate is a refined liquid that's rich in vitamins and proteins that help improve the appearance, color and overall health of the skin. Each enzyme beauty product has been infused with effective, aromatic additives that won't contribute to dryness, over-hydration or redness, making it appropriate for people with dry skin. These revolutionary formulas have the capacity to condition, tone, moisturize and enhance your face's appearance.

The popular all-in-one Enzyme Concentrate Vitamin Protein Complex and Gel Plus Enzyme Protein Gel items are specifically designed for people with aging-related concerns. The pure, potent formulas are meant to help improve elasticity, color tone and overall evenness, all without the use of harmful, irritating ingredients.

Epicuren Cleansers

Our assortment of Cleansers includes a pure-yet-potent formula designed specifically for your precise problem. Fortified by powerful ingredients like herbs, botanical extracts and fruit-oils, plus gentle antiseptics like salicylic acid and glycerin, each cleanser gently soothes while clearing away dirt and debris.

Choose from a variety of unique formulas to get the results, consistency and scent that's perfect for you. The Herbal Cleanser is a mild, nourishing facial cleanser designed for those with dry or combination skin types, whereas the Apricot Creme Cleanser is gentle yet effective nourishing cleanser for sensitive skin with a mild apricot scent. We also offer the popular gel and cream cleansers that address a host of other issues.

They offer a wide variety of items infused with Brazilian propolis extract, a deeply nourishing mixture produced by Brazilian honeybees. This additive helps alleviate infections by inhibiting blemish-causing bacteria and restoring the pH balance.

Skincare By Alana offers many Epicuren propolis products, including Pure Propolis Concentrate, Propolis Lotion, Propolis Mist and Propolis Serum Moisturizer. Epicuren has also developed unique health and hair care products that are infused with Brazilian propolis, including the Propolis Shampoo and Conditioner that effectively clears away product buildup on the strands of the hair and scalp. Epicuren also offers a propolis-infused throat spray that soothes, moistens and protects irritated, dry throats. Please note that propolis items are not recommended for people with bee or bee-related allergies.

Epicuren Body Treatments

Give your body the vitamins and nutrients it needs to remain hydrated and soft using Epicuren body products. These highly effective treatments are made with ingredients that are designed to help correct common concerns ranging from dryness to sagging. Epicuren fortifies its items with unconventional but beneficial additives like coffee seed oil, apricot kernel powder, walnut shell extract and many different types of fruit oils and botanical extracts. 

At Skincare By Alana, we offer a huge selection of Epicuren body treatments and cream, including Epicuren body lotion, Epicuren body scrub, bath salts, oils and more. We carry a variety of delightful Epicuren body scrubs that use eco-friendly materials, like bamboo microcrystals and almond seed meal, to exfoliate the top layers of the skin gently and effectively. We also carry Epicuren Espresso Limon Slimming Body Oil, a detoxifying body oil that's designed to purify and tone your body.

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Epicuren Customer Reviews

Enjoy reading through these customer reviews!

"My favorite lip product by far! There is something about the little pot that is so perfect - I have one by the bed, I don’t have to worry about it rolling away, and one by my TV chair-:) and I use it for cuts too - the tea tree oil is so healing." - Donna R.

"Great for chapped, dry lips! Immediately soothing and healing. Carry it in my purse and use it every day to maintain my now smooth lips." - Alice G.

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