About Illamasqua

Illamasqua began in 2008 when founder Julian Kynaston was left feeling uninspired by makeup brands. It was the drive to deliver a different message than the one being told at the time.

The mission became to empower those with confidence in expressing their true self and defy what the current beauty industry was doing. The brand's high-performing pigments were distinctive and proved a passion for artistry. Illamasqua adopted an anti-conformist attitude by rejecting the conventional beauty industry standards.

Redefining Beauty

During this time, the redefinition of beauty was being led by the Director of Artistry, Pablo Rodriguez. It was paramount that each product had been crafted using the finest professional standards within the makeup industry. The idea: inspire cosmetic artists and enthusiasts at every level.

For over a decade, the British makeup brand has pushed boundaries and beauty conventions by staying inspired by all things subcultural. This is represented in items from their best-selling Skin Base Foundations to their Hydra Veil Primer.

100% Cruelty-Free

Illamasqua products have never and will never be tested on animals, this is a part of the brand's core principles. There is no animal testing of any kind nor do they work with suppliers who are associated with animal testing. They have a stamp of approval from PETA, the largest animals rights group in the world, that proves this.

Illamasqua takes extreme caution when selecting retail and distribution partners. As such, the company's products are demanded globally. While Illamasqua products are available for purchase in China through a cross-border e-commerce structure, all orders are fulfilled outside of mainland China. This means there continues to be no animal testing, even on a global scale. 

Be Yourself with Illamasqua

The Illamasqua brand wants you to feel empowered, creative, and artistic when using their professional-grade and highly pigmented beauty products. Their skillful crafted formulations are made so that you can express yourself boldly while looking and feeling great!

Customer Reviews

"[Illamasqua Skin Base foundation] It’s not too drying like some foundations can be. I use it with the Hydra Veil Primer and let it set, powder, and then spray with a fixative once I’m all finished. " - Susan 2/25/2021

"I was gifted this hydra veil primer. I love that bottle . I can say that this is such a great product . My skin felt so hydrated and so smooth . Such a light feeling.I felt such a calming and refreshing feeling up on my skin. I am so very glad that I stumbled onto this product. My foundation went on so smooth. I highly recommend this product." - 6/17/21 by Cntryangelaz

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Illamasqua?

The Hut Group is the current owner of the brand.

Is Illamasqua cruelty-free?

Yes, none of Illamasqua's products are tested on animals and each product is PETA certified.

Is Illamasqua foundation silicone-based?

The Illamasqua foundation is a water-based formula that also contains silicone. You'll be left with a velvety soft feel after application.

Is Illamasqua Skin Base full coverage?

The Skin Base can provide medium to full coverage, leaving you with a smooth all-over skin tone and a flawless complexion.

Is Illamasqua hypoallergenic?

All make-up brushes are hypoallergenic and cruelty-free. The brushes are made of premium soft synthetic bristles.

Where can I purchase Illamasqua products?

You can shop for Illamasqua products here on our site,, where you can pay securely and receive the latest exclusive discounts by signing up for our newsletter using your email.

If you're already signed up with a valid email, simply hit login next to the shopping sign. Once signed up and logged in, should you wish you can use the tab key to move between the menu items.

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