Epicuren Cleansers

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Our assortment of Epicuren Cleansers includes a pure-yet-potent formula designed specifically for your precise skin problem. Fortified by all-natural ingredients like herbs, botanical extracts and fruit-oils, plus gentle antiseptics like salicylic acid and glycerin, each Epicuren Cleanser gently soothes the skin while clearing away dirt and debris.

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Epicuren Cleansers


Choose from a variety of unique formulas to get the results, consistency and scent that's perfect for you. Epicuren Herbal Cleanser is a mild, nourishing facial cleanser designed for those with dry or combination skin types, whereas Epicuren Milk Cleanser is formulated specifically for extra sensitive skin. The lightweight milk lotion contains zero fragrances, parabens or fillers that may trigger skin irritation. We also offer Epicuren's popular gel and cream cleansers that address a host of other skin issues.