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Soap-free Dermalogica cleansers improve the skin’s imperfections, address and treat any skin conditions, and prepare the skin to receive moisture and other treatments.  By giving you your healthiest and cleanest skin ever, you won’t be disappointed when you use Dermalogica cleansers.

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Every Dermalogica cleanser is not only soap-free, but also pH balanced to ensure protection of the skin’s natural moisture barriers.  They truly are the perfect start to a supremely healthy skin regimen.  


The secret to Dermalogica’s amazing cleansers is the double-cleanse.  While double cleansing with other cleanser probably leaves behind debris and oil, the Dermalogica Double Cleanse includes a PreCleanse that penetrates the skin to completely remove oil and debris.  This ensures that your skin is truly clean, and not just surface clean.


While PreCleanse removes oil and debris, Dermalogica Cleansers follow up to penetrate the skin even deeper.  The result is the cleanest skin you have ever had.  Dermatologists and estheticians have been using this technique for years, and Dermalogica cleansers allow you to take full advantage of the technique.


Many soaps and cleansers do well at cleaning skin, but they leave it irritated and dry.  This is not the case with Dermalogica cleansers.  These cleanser are pH balanced to work with the skin and ensure it remains at the optimal pH level.  While soaps (which often include lye and other chemicals) are often alkaline and raise the pH level of the skin, causing natural lipids to be pulled from the skin, Dermalogica cleansers are balanced to ensure the skin retains it’s natural defense mechanisms and barriers.  The end result is that instead of that tight, pulled feeling you have after using soap. your skin will feel soft and supple.  


The beginning of any good skin care regimen is a solid cleanser, and Dermalogica cleansers represent the best of the best. 



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