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Eye Cream at Every Age- Find the Product You Should be Using

Alana Mitchell, Licensed Esthetician, Day Spa Owner


Ugh…Monday. I don’t know if it’s the extra salt from Saturday’s chips and salsa or the fact that I tend to stay up a little too late on the weekend; all I know is I tend to start my week looking a little scary…especially in my eyes. The best way to fight back is with a good EYE CREAM! At every age, your puffy, dark, and swollen eyes need the TLC! Also, many people want to know at what age is the best to start eye cream? Or even, What is the best eye cream for fighting brown spots? Here’s how to choose the right one for your phase of life.

Epicuren Eye Cream


Eye cream is a girl's best friend at any age. If eye cream isn’t a part of your regular routine, start now. The right skin care products in your 20s can actually slow down the aging process. Depending on your skin type, choose between an eye cream or an eye gel. What is the best eye cream to start using in your 20s? I recommend using an eye gel like Image Skincare Vital-C Recovery Gel or Image Skincare Ormedic Balancing Eye Gel if you have oily or problematic skin. For normal to dry skin, use a cream. Eminence Wild Plum Eye Cream ($70) is all organic and high in natural iron! Epicuren Eye Cream is easy to apply and works in seconds! Epicuren is definitely my best eyecream friend, as it is the best natural eye cream I have ever used.


Reese Witherspoon Reese Witherspoon- beautiful in her 30s

Since your skin is still in good shape, keep it that way by going a little more aggressive with your eye cream. Like Reese Witherspoon does for her skin care regime! Our thirties are busy with work in the day and staying up late with babies at night. Dark circles from all the missed sleep are our number one enemy. Using products with caffeine can help! Your savior in a beverage also helps shrink capillaries, making discoloration less noticeable and de-puffing under-eye circles when applied to the skin! 100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffine Cream ($19) is totally vegan and gluten free.


Image Skincare Ageless Total Eye Lift is my go to because it soothes the eye area naturally with chamomile and cucumber and is ultra-lifting. Many ladies want to know what is the best eye cream for age 30 with dry skin, and these eye creams work wonders for dry skin too.


Did you hear? 40’s are the new 20’s! As great as this time is, a lot of the happiness can show up on the face. The things you began to notice in your 30’s are most likely getting progressively worse and a decrease in collagen levels leave you prone to wrinkling. It’s not all bad news! You can fight back with antioxidants and moisturizing products that contain Retinol, particularly around the eyes. I suggest a rich formula like Lucrece Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream.

Michelle Pfeiffer, 50s never looked so good!


Jan Marini Eye Cream

Let me start by saying, you can still look fabulous at any age. Michelle Pfeiffer proved that on ELLE’s red carpet last week. Facing the facts and using products that fight your new stage of life is the way to go. Most women experience Menopause in their 50s. This process typically dries your skin and disrupts the Ceramide barrier, leading to skin sensitivity. Use a cream with antioxidants and Ceramides to boost hydration and reinforce your skin's protective barrier. Under eye discoloration can be helped with an eye cream that contains Vitamin K. Vitamin K helps the blood clot, preventing seepage from the capillaries under your eyes. Jan Marini Age Intervention ($62) is a powerful treatment for all the major signs of aging. This 50+ selection includes best eye creams for 70+ women and for 60+ too!

Ageless Eye Care

I tell all of my clients that a good eye cream is a must have! It's one of the products you don't want to skip on. A good one that is made for your stage of life will be worth every penny!

From so many requests, I have developed a special page on my shopping cart site skincarebyalana.com with a special page set aside for eye cream products I love, click here to see it.

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