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Lucrece skin care products create skin care program which is involved in research and development of products that are made of advanced formulas and ingredients. Lucrece is backed by a team of professionals who are dedicated to developing products that provide the most effective results possible. Lucrece Physicians Aesthetic Research was established in the year 1993 to aid the physicians treat hyper pigmentation and age related issues and has grown year by year since then with an increase in a loyal customer base. Lucrece now has a wide range of products that treat all types of skin and it constantly strives to develop and grow to provide an effective system for skin care by using latest technologies.


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Lucrece Physicians Aesthetic Research believes in offering high grade products which provide powerful results made of natural ingredients and with the use of latest research and technology. Ongoing research at Lucrece is a proof of commitment of the team of professionals to constantly finding the most advanced and efficient way to improve the health of your skin. Lucrece products are environmental friendly and therefore do not contain paraben preservatives. The materials used for product packaging are biodegradable or recyclable and no animal derived collagen is used in the product. Lucrece guarantees total satisfaction regarding their high grade products.

Lucrece products for age management include Stem Cells, Peptides, Skin Lightening, and many others. The Lucrece Stem Cells aids in combating chronological aging, and protect the skin cells and while preventing collagen degradation. Stem Cell Replenishing Serum contains peptides, concentration of edelweiss plant stem cells, and apples. This Lucrece Serum helps to restore the youthful appearance while producing age defying results as well. The Lucrece Stem Cell Moisturizing Cream also contains effective ingredients like the serum and many botanical extracts. This moisturizing cream helps to hydrate the skin and restore its youthfulness. The Lucrece Stem Cell products contain ingredients that stimulate various functions in the skin for enhancing effectiveness. The Peptide products provide for effective anti aging results.


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One can choose from many other offered lucrece skincare products such as the Lucrece tinted sunscreen , Lucrece Collagen Peptide Complex, Collagen Copper Activating Complex, lucrece Stem Cell Replenishing Serum, and Facial Creams which help in treatment of hyper pigmentation and acne conditions. Lucrece also offers Facial Creams, Gels, Cleansers, and many others for the treatment of sensitive skin. Protect yourself against the harmful damage of the sun by using Lucrece’s solar protection range. These products are formulated with a natural chemical compound Zinc Oxide which provides more protection from the sun by blocking the ultra violet rays. We highly recommend Lucrece skin care products for their innovative skin technology for maintaining a healthy skin condition.

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