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Energize, refresh and renew aging skin under and around the eyes using potent Epicuren eye treatments. Infused with restorative, all-natural ingredients that are gentle enough to fully regenerate the delicate skin beneath the eyes, Epicuren eye cream can help de-age this sensitive area by effectively targeting age-related eye concerns like tired-looking skin, fine lines, under-eye circles and darkening. We carry Epicuren Eye Cream, Epicuren Eye Alive Serum and other anti-aging eye treatments that are appropriate for your skin type at Skincare By Alana.

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Epicuren Eye Creams

 Natural anti-inflammatories like guarana extract and horse chestnut extract work to reduce puffiness around the eyes, while potent skin hydrators like coconut oil and panthenol give the skin the nutrients it needs to maintain a healthy level of moisture. Epicuren Eye Cream is also infused with the brand's incredible Metadermabolic Enzyme, a protein- and nutrient-rich complex that works to combat age-related skin concerns like loss of skin elasticity, uneven color tone and the appearance of overall skin fatigue.