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Summer Sunscreens that are good for your face and Skin Part 2!

Suncare for summer

Ok, so here are my recommendations for sunscreens this summer. The best part, they are mostly in the $30 price range, totally affordable. For your reference, I have made a special category in my store, to highlight all of my recommended sunscreens for this summer, click here to see it.NOW, these are not just any recommendations. As you know, my spa carries about 50+ lines of skin care, hair care, and makeup and we are growing and adding more every month. These are my top picks, after trying almost everything that is available on the market from higher end skin care lines (lines that use good ingredients that you won’t find in your local drugstore).

Here is how I judged them, quality of ingredients, personal testing on my own face, performance (SPF), and texture (if they do not rub off). My husband and I travel all over the world trying to find the best, latest, and greatest in beauty products, so I hope you find this useful. By the way, thank you to everybody who has sent me nice letters of encouragement lately regarding my new baby boy Malachi. He is doing well, but his acid reflux problem is such a doozy, it is so hard to work like this with no sleep! Also, I made a video about this, you can click here to watch it.

Epicuren Discovery Zinc Oxide SPF 20 – Everyday Use

NO CHEMICALS! Yes, this sunscreen is a natural solution that I use on my face every day. The Epicuren Zinc Oxide SPF 20 is a broad spectrum all natural sunscreen that I am confident you will absolutely love! Apply it just like you would a moisturizer. In your morning routine, apply it after your favorite moisturizer has been fully absorbed by your skin, and before you apply your makeup. Remember, using sunscreens every day is the best way to combat wrinkles, fine lines, and sunspots. Only $34, click here to read more!

Image Skincare Oil Free, Organic, and Hydrating Sunscreens SPF 13 to SPF 30 – Everyday Use

I love this line because they make it so easy. The Image oil free product is great for skin that is acneic or problematic, it will not leave your skin oily. Image skincare’s hydrating sunscreen is for dry skin, and hydrates well. Are you an organic fan? They make an organic version of their hydrating sunscreen that is awesome! All include broad spectrum protection, in case you did not know, that means these block both UVA & UVB rays for total facial protection. Save yourself some money, you can all of these as a moisturizer, and sunscreen! Starting at $29, click here to read more!

Epicuren Extreme Cream SPF 45 – Great for Water

My choice if you need to participate in a lot of water activites this summer. My husband uses it every day surfing. This is my favorite if regular sunscreens tend to clog your pores or cause acne. This sunscreen utilizes Epicuren’s Brazilian Propolis ingredient which is an all natural ingredient take from bees that is anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Treats stressed skin, dry or cracked skin, sun/wind burned skin, and psoriasis. What does this mean? Yes, it can fight acne and blemishes, or prevent these while you wear it. Most of Epicuren’s products are all natural, and this is no exception. Only $34, click here to read more!

Lucrece Physicians Aesthetic Research Clear and Tinted Zinc SPF30 – Sunscreen with Makeup

Want to wear makeup and sunscreen? This sunscreen REPLACES your foundation, and is also a part of my daily routine when I want to wear makeup. They make a tinted, light tinted, and clear version. KEY QUESTION: How do I find the right tint color for my skin? I recommend buying the tinted and light tint, and mix them to get the correct foundation tint. The Lucrece sunscreen is an all natural sunscreen, which includes nano-particles of Zinc Oxide for long lasting protection and skin health promotion. Runs for $49, click here to read more!

Skinceuticals Sheer Physical UV Defense SPF 50 Sunscreen – Clear Finish for the Face

Right now, this is my hottest seller. I am not sure if it is because this product is a trend, or because it works so well YET. But I tried it and I loved it for my face. Here is what makes it unique from the rest. It is a fluid that finished on your face CLEAR. It works for all skin types, it is paraben free, and all natural. Protects from all UVA and UVB rays. Unique ingredient alert! Uses artemia salina, which is a plankton extract. This ingredient increases your skin’s resistance and defenses to heat stress and UV rays. Runs for $30, click here to read more!

Coola Organic Sunscreens – For all of you Organic Fans out there!

The great thing about coola, is, ALL they make are sunscreens. I have always felt, that skin care lines lose their effectiveness when they branch out to make to many different solutions. My favorite coola sunscreen for this summer is the Coola Face SPF30 Cucumber Sunblock. It is organic, good for you skin, offers great protection, and has such a GREAT SMELL. Runs for $32, click here to read more!

2 Gifts from me to you just for reading!

Since you read my article to the end, I am including a bonus for you. First Gift, use code discount2 at checkout from my store for FREE SHIPPING and 10% off of any order from my store. Thank you for reading. Second Gift, did you know your makeup can act as a sunscreen? I use La Bella Donna, most of their foundations include SPF25 protection because they use Zinc as a base for their makeup, and it is great for your skin. Sometimes I hate wearing sunscreen because it is so hard to apply makeup well on top of it, so try La Bella Donna. Click here to see La Bella Donna Makeup and Cosmetic products. FYI, discounts can not be applied to certain lines that do not allow it such as Epicuren.


SO helpful, thank you.

Shana @ 2010-06-12 7:41pm

Thank you for your great article. Do u have any recommendations for sunscreen for hands?
Thank you

Susan Graham @ 2010-06-08 5:32am

My son had really bad acid reflux, to the point we couldn’t lay him down. We found a product called Colic Calm and it worked wonders. As for as I know you can only buy it on their website. It was a little miracle for us. Hope that might help. THank you for your videos and all the information you share!

Sarah @ 2010-06-08 9:34am

Cellex-C makes a great sunscreen for the hands,

Or, you could just use your facial sunscreen!

admin @ 2010-06-10 9:26am

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