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Osmosis Harmonized Water: Part I

Many of you are probably wondering: what is Osmosis Harmonized Water? And why have I never heard of it? Well, ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourself, because this revolutionary product is sure to impress! For those of you who know about my 5 to Survive, you most likely recognize the name, as I featured their UV Protection Harmonized Water as one of my five beauty essentials for the Summer! But the magic doesn’t stop at UV protection! Osmosis has come up with a comprehensive line of Harmonized Waters for a variety of internal and external issues, and I am so incredibly excited to be sharing them with you! These 3.38oz treats contain specific combinations of water that contain different vibrational frequencies that work to improve your health inside and out!

So Without Further Ado…

Add some pep to your water's step with Osmosis Harmonized Water, sold at Skincare by Alana.Harmonized Water #1—Osmosis Clear Skin Anti-Pathogen WaterA definite must-have for travelers, or those who wish to give their immune systems a happy boost, this unique formula is designed to improve tissue oxygenation and calm skin inflammation! And when the body is better oxygenated, it is more difficult for bugs, fungi, viruses and cancer cells to grow. A definite testimate to your health, this product also helps to clear up the skin—leaving you healthy both internally and externally!

Harmonized Water #2--Osmosis Uplifting Harmonized Water—If you are looking to life your feelings and feel better over-all, this product is definitely for you! The exciting formula found in Uplifting Harmonized Water is designed to improve the elements, minerals, and vitamin activity in your body, which helps to enhance focus while revitalizing minerals in your precious body!

Add some pep to your water's step with Osmosis Harmonized Water, sold at Skincare by Alana.Harmonized Water #3—Osmosis Relax Harmonized WaterNow I know most of you deal with stress every once in a while, and very possibly on a daily basis. Which is why I am so happy to introduce you to this fabulous product. Formulated to help stress, this product will also aid in better sleep for a healthier and happier tomorrow!

Harmonized Water #4—Osmosis Rejuvenate Mind and Body Harmonized WaterPreviously known as “Body Builder”, this specially formulated product contains frequencies that work to balance disharmonies in muscles and growth hormone disharmonies! Improve muscle development, enhance mental activity, and rejuvenate cells with this comprehensive treat!

Add some pep to your water's step with Osmosis Harmonized Water, sold at Skincare by Alana.Harmonized Water #5—Osmosis Organ Protection Harmonized WaterIf you wish to improve your overall internal health, then I definitely recommend this product! Balancing disharmonies associate with several major organs like the Thyroid, Pancreas, Liver, Colon, Kidney, Adrenals, and Spleen, this water will work to get you balanced and healthy. Not necessarily noticeable on the outside—but definitely beneficial to your insides!

Harmonized Water #6—Osmosis Neutralize Harmonized WaterThis product is pretty revolutionary due to the fact that it helps neutralize acidity, yet has a normal PH itself. Perfect for people with Acid Reflux, Muscle Soreness, and general Acidity!

Add some pep to your water's step with Osmosis Harmonized Water, sold at Skincare by Alana.Harmonized Water #7—Osmosis Men’s Hair Harmonized Water—Gentlemen, this one is specifically formulated for you! Combat hair loss and rejuvenate hair follicles to optimize hair re-growth—all while balancing the disharmonies that can cause hair loss! Yay!!

Harmonized Water #8—Osmosis Joint Health Harmonized WaterThis is a must have for those of you who feel the pain of achy, sore joints—and can even benefit those with arthritis and muscle soreness. Reduce discomfort and balance disharmonies associated with pain receptors with this fabulous product!

Be sure to stay tuned for Part II, where we will bring you even MORE fabulous Osmosis Harmonized Waters!


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