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Olympic Skincare: Products & Tips!

It’s that time again! The Summer Olympics are in full swing and we here at Skincare by Alana definitely want to weigh in! From skincare workout tips to fabulous UK-based products, it is my pleasure to present to you my Olympic Skincare product recommendations and tips! So without further a do…

Summer 2012 Olympic Skincare

  • Olympic Skincare Tip #1—Take It All Off—I am talking about your makeup, of course! That’s right, folks, it is best to be sans the makeup while working up a sweat. Why, you ask? Because your pores open up and whatever makeup or product you have on (bronzer, concealer, ect) will be hanging in your pores until you wash your face. Those of you who are lucky enough to be in the top 5% of perfect skin, I congratulate you on your superior luck and genetics—those of us falling into the 95% majority are almost guaranteed a pimple or blackhead of sorts!
  • Olympic Skincare Tip #2—If You MUST Indulge, Do So Responsibly—I know that many of you will read tip #1 and think: I am still going to wear makeup while I workout. If you absolutely must, be sure you are wearing mineral makeup! You are less likely to break out from this type of makeup, which is the main issue when it comes to working out with makeup on! However, be advised that not all mineral makeups are created equal! Many of the mainstream “Mineral Makeups” are jam packed with fillers, such as cornstarch, which can dry out your skin. Try products like La Bella Donna, YoungBlood, Glo Minerals, and Mirabella for best results.
  • Olympic Skincare Tip #4—Cool Down With a Splash—when washing your face, always ends with a few splashes of cold water. This will close your pores and help to reduce the amount of sweat your pores will encounter while you workout.
  • Skincare by Alana brings you Olypic Skincare product reccommendations and tips!Olympic Skincare Tip #5—Keep Your Hair Out Of Your Face—The oil from your hair will so graciously share itself with your skin, which can cause breakouts and problems for skin! Going a step further, try not to excessively touch your face. Again, this causes the spread of oil.
  • Olympic Skincare Tip #6—Water, Water, & More Water—When working out, it is ESSENTIAL to stay hydrated. But what many of you may not realize is that water is not only good for the body, but also great for the skin! You will look and feel better, so drink you and stay pretty!
  • Olympic Skincare: Product Favs—London Calling—As most of you well know, the summer 2012 Olympics are being held in London, UK. So of course I had to share my fav UK-based beauty products in honor of the event! I am sure many, if not most of you, have heard of Dermalogica! That’s right, this fabulously effective, “no frills” product line was born and bread in the UK—making it perfect for my Olympic Skincare spotlight! Another UK-originated brand? Elemis Skincare, a fabulously British product line and day spa! Elemis captures their audience through innovation and constant evolution, working to target skincare issues for all! A definite Skincare by Alana favs!



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