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Introducing LING Skincare: a Q&A with founder Ling Chan

I am beyond excited to announce that I am now carrying LING Skincare on my site! I had been following the buzz around this product line in the press for a while, so when I got the opportunity to try the line out for myself, and eventually carry it, I was thrilled. A little bit about the brand: LING Skincare was founded by skin care expert LING Chan in 1985, who was inspired to create her own line after finding that the products on the market did not deliver what they promised. Each of Ling's formulations are developed with a holistic philosophy that works to merge traditional Asian beauty principles and state-of-the-art ingredients. She makes sure that each product formulation is put through 'real life' testing, where it must be absolutely exceptional before allowing it to launch. LING is not just a skin care line founder, she also has two fabulous spa locations in New York! So, without further a do, I am excited to bring you this Q & A with founder LING Chan.

All About LING Skincare


Q: Why is hydration so important to skincare?

A: The first and most crucial step to having healthy skin is proper hydration. Many skin ailments arise from dry and dehydration skin. When the surface of the skin is dry, oil glands will over produce oil. In turn, this can cause acne, sensitivity, clogged pores, blackheads, whiteheads, fine lines and wrinkles. Sufficient hydration is the most important step to balance the skin and slow down the aging process.

Surface dehydration can also be attributed to environmental factors such as exposure to heat and cold, humidity, air-conditioning, excessive cleansing and using harsh products to dry the skin. With proper exfoliation and balancing the moisture level of the skin through hydration, skin will effectively absorb nutrients and circulate oxygen.

Q: Why is it so important to have monthly facials?

A: Every 28 days, our skin goes through cycle of shedding and renewal. During this natural process, pores can become clogged with sebum and impurities, which can lead to the formulation of whiteheads, blackheads, and acne. Clogged pores also diminish the effectiveness of skin care products by preventing vital nutrients from penetrating the skin. Thus, it is important to have a facial LING facial> once a month to thoroughly extract clogged pores for optimal skin health.

Q: Why is using a hydrator so important?

A: Using a LING Hydrator morning and evening locks in essential moisture and provides your skin with deep hydration, giving it a comfortable balance and tone. When following the LING complete home regime and increasing hydration levels in the skin, you will see a decrease in dryness, acne, large pores, blackheads, whiteheads, sensitivity, redness, rosacea, oily skin, along with premature aging including fine lines and wrinkles.

Q: Can you describe the LING Skin Care Regime?

A: The first step in healthy skin care regimen begins with cleansing and exfoliating the skin daily. Purifying the skin of oil build-up, dirt and impurities trapped in the pores will allow easy and optimal delivery of vital ingredients into the lower layers of the skin. LING Purifying Cleanser and Exfoliators are unique and formulated to thoroughly cleanse without disrupting the skin’s natural moisture balance.

The second step is LING Hydrators. These are not your conventional alcoholic tonics or astringents, they are specialized hydrating tonics formulated to penetrate, saturate and retain moisture into the lower layers of the skin, a drink for your skin. LING Hydrators can penetrate and moisturize deeper into the skin, where lotions and creams have difficulty reaching. Sufficient moisture in the lower layers of the skin will balance and comfort the skin resulting in less active oil glands and reducing breakouts. A healthier, glowing complexion will emerge.

The third step is SOLVE. LING Solutions are formulated with cosmeceutical high-grade ingredients that are designed to treat specific skin ailments and offer targeted and effective solutions. State-of-the-Art active ingredients that are merged with traditional Asian beauty secrets to deliver potent dosages into the lower layers of the skin for optimal benefits.

The Forth step is NOURISH. LING Nourishers are advanced formulas merging State-of-the-Art ingredients with Asian beauty extracts which supply moisture and nutrients to the lower layers of the skin, while also a protective moisture barrier against the harsh environment. LING Nourishers seal in the active ingredients delivered by LING Hydrators and Solutions for enhanced and prolonged results.

It is also important for WEEKLY RENEWAL. LING Renew products are specially designed to prevent and combat the naturally occurring skin mishaps we all experience. LING Renew Peels and Masks instantly work to help your skin restore the balance it naturally loses throughout the course of a skin cycle. Complexion is clearer and smoother. Pores are left clean, allowing effective penetration of active ingredients into the cellular level. LING Renew Peels and Masks are excellent complements to your monthly professional facial and can be used in your weekly at-home facial to maintain your skin between visits.


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