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Proper maintenance of your skin should be a daily routine, part of a healthy lifestyle. The LING Complete Approach to Skin Care is simple and effective, allowing you to easily achieve a healthy complexion. Each element is customized to your skin condition, helping to prevent and treat your specific skin ailments to allow you to confidently present your most beautiful complexion to the world.

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The Facial

The Facial Every 28 days, our skin goes through a cycle of shedding and renewal. During this natural process, pores can become clogged with sebum and impurities, which can lead to the formation of whiteheads, blackheads, and acne. Clogged pores also diminish the effectiveness of skin care products by preventing vital nutrients from penetrating into the skin. Thus, it is important to have a LING Facial once a month to thoroughly extract clogged pores for optimal skin health.

The Treatments

To achieve instant visible results, facials should be enhanced with an exfoliation and infusion treatment. Exfoliation is needed to thoroughly cleanse the skin of dead cells as well as soften impurities, allowing for easier extractions. Complexion is clearer and softened. Infusion will penetrate vital nutrition into the lower layers of the skin to increase cellular metabolism and rejuvenate complexion.

The At-Home Regimen

In order to maintain long lasting results, it is important that you properly take care of your skin day and night. Just like a doctor prescribing medicine, your LING Skin Care Specialist will prescribe for you a customized regimen and educate you on the benefits of each product step.

The Skincare by Alana Difference

At Skin Care by Alana in Orange County, CA, we have years of experience selling large quantities of skincare products throughout the United States and as one of the biggest brand distributors, we are proud to offer the full line of DeVita. You can also check out our comprehensive skincare reviews. Order online anytime or call us! We are open 7 days a week for any tips or ordering assistance that you may need. We have a live esthetician standing by to help you and your skin!