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Holidays Can't Mess With My Skin!

Many of us plan the holidays well ahead and look forward to a week or two of relaxation, eating, drinking, and time with family and friends. But it is during this time that most of us neglect the skin, therefore causing skin problems. Here are common skin culprits and how to fix it.

Traveling: wherever the destination may be, a change in climate can surely ruin your complexion. Traveling by planes can cause dehydration to the skin making you look tired and pasty. The solution: make sure to apply face and hand moisturizers regularly while in the air and use lip balm to combat dryness. I love using Epicuren’s tea tree lip balm. Infused with tea tree oil, It really helps my chapped lips and smells great!

Booze and more booze: the holidays seem to be a time where we consume more alcohol more than usual. However, excessive alcohol intake not only damages the liver, but also leaves your skin dull, dry and leads to premature aging. The solution: drink lots of water to counteract the dehydrating power of booze on your skin. Try and have a drink of water after each drink of alcohol. Don’t forget to regularly apply your moisturizer too.

Weather’s threat: holidays can mean your skin is exposed to a range of extreme temperature changes, from freezing cold walk down the road to a hot seaside escapade. This dramatic change in temperature can leave your skin dry and itchy. The solution: have regular and quick showers making sure the water is just warm and not too hot. After hitting the showers, pat the skin dry and apply moisturizers with glycerin to lock in moisture right away. Use a body or facial scrub once a week to get rid of those dead skin cells. One of our new great lines, 100% Pure Skincare, has a great Mint Eucalyptus Sea Therapy Body Scrub that I would highly recommend.

La familia: even staying with your family during the holidays can take a toll on your skin. The stress of watching your siblings, keeping your in-laws happy, and just getting along with the rest of the family, can be nerve wracking sometimes which also has an effect on the skin. The solution: make sure you are getting a good night’s rest, maintain a well-balanced diet and keep alcohol consumption to a minimum. Try doing yoga to relax your mind to keep the stress levels down as well.

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