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Epicuren Discovery's Lip Balm Line - Your lips are no less important than the skin on the rest of your body. Epicuren Discovery offers several lip balms to soothe your dry and chapped lips any season of the year. Derived from natural ingredients, including tea tree oils, try a balm container to smooth on your lips using the fingers. They also offer roll-on serums and basic tubes with ample balm for everyday of the week. Some of these vitamin-enriched balms even come with SPF 15. Even your lips are prone to damage from sunlight exposure. Add a lip balm into your daily cleansing and moisturizing regimen to match your supple skin to your mouth for a youthful appearance throughout crisp winter and hot summer.

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Keep Your Lips Luscious and Hydrated All Year Long

                No matter the season, our lips are always battling the environmental elements. During the summer, the sun and its rays wreak havoc on our lips, burning them and drying up any moisture that we manage to retain. On the flip side, during the winter, icy winds and colder temperatures cause our lips to chap and crack. The Epicuren Lip Balm products provide the important hydration and protection that is needed in order to prevent these types of things from happening to our lips. Not only will the Epicuren Lip Balm products help repair and protect your lips, but they will also help them to feel soft and smooth all day long.


                All of the Epicuren Lip Balm products are made from all natural ingredients, which mean that besides lending a helping hand to your skin, the products are doing these things with ingredients that are safe for your skin. None of the Epicuren Lip Balm products, or any other Epicuren product for that matter, contain any artificial flavors, fragrances, or preservatives that can sometimes cause more harm than good. Epicuren has over 20 years of dealing with all types of skin problems and issues, so you can rest assured that what you are putting onto your skin is well tested and effective. All of the Epicuren Lip Balm products included in the collection are safe and great for use on all skin types such as dry, oily, normal, combination, and even sensitive skin.


                All of the Epicuren Lip Balm products can be found at SkincareByAlana, which is a site that offers all of the best skincare lines on the market in one place. If you are interested in any of the Epicuren products, I would suggest checking out the deal that is going on at the website, which includes sending you a free bottle of Epicuren cleanser, moisturizer, lotion, or serum with certain purchases. Keep in mind that all U.S. orders are also delivered for free.




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