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Epicuren lip products are jam-packed with potent, all-natural ingredients that not only help rejuvenate dry, chapped lips, but actually help address age-related lip concerns like lip thinning and wrinkles. Epicuren lip balm is also infused with UV-filtering compounds that effectively shield the lips from the penetration of UVB and UVA rays that can cause wrinkling, swelling and serious sun-related damage. These are daily, moisturizing lip balms with broad-spectrum sunscreen protection for year-round use.

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Keep Your Lips Luscious and Hydrated All Year Long

We carry popular Epicuren lip balms, including Epicuren Anti-Aging Lip Balm and Epicuren Tea Tree Lip Balm, that are infused with soothing, restorative ingredients derived from the earth. Effective key ingredients like tea tree oil, coconut fruit extract and pomegranate sterols act as all-natural antifungals, antibacterial and antiviral essentials. Age-fighting additives and natural UV filters help soothe and protect the lips from additional damage.