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Why Choose Salon Brand Hair Care Products

Every winter, like clockwork, I experience a familiar nuisance. My hair starts to become more dry than usual, and begs for high quality masks and oils to help counter-act the weather. This is a problem that many of my BeautyMates seek advice for - and of course the first thing that they ask is whether or not the salon brand products are worth the splurge. My answer? ABSOLUTELY. And I want to explain why.

Salon vs. Drugstore

SKINCARE BY ALANA | ALANA | HAIR CARE | HAIRCARE | SALON VS. DRUGSTORE | SALON | DRUGSTORE | SHAMPOO | CONDITIONER | DERMORGANIC | AGADIR | ALTERNA | KERATIN COMPLEX | SURFACEFirst and foremost, let me state that I only carry products that I have tried and loved. Yes, everyone's hair is different, but the salon products I have stocked on my shelves are the same as the products I use at home. Growing up in the Salon & Spa industry, I learned very quickly how important good hair care products were, which is why I like to offer a variety for my BeautyMates.

Many of you are probably wondering what the difference is. Lets start with looking into Shampoos. Most shampoos use surfactants to help remove the oil from your hair. The three most common types of surfactants are: sodium laureth sulfate, sodium laurel sulfate, and ammonium laurel sulfate. I bet you recognize the word sulfate, since recent years have spawned a variety of sulfate-free products. Most drugstore brands are packed with ammonium laurel sulfate, the cheapest and most damaging of the three sulfates. Sodium Laurel Sulfate is also very damaging to hair, and will even strip away your color. High-end products that still contain sulfates generally use sodium laureth sulfate, which tends to be the gentlest of the three, removing excess oils as opposed to stripping your hair of all oils. This small difference makes all the difference when it comes to maintaining vs. damaging your hair.

Now, moving on to conditioners. I don't know a single lady who can skip conditioner. Men, on the other hand, are lucky and generally stick with their shampoo-only routine. The ingredients that make all the difference in conditioners is tycpically silicone. These are used to mimic sebum that has been lost during the cleansing process. However, there are different kinds of silicones to look out for. Dimethicone is very common in drugstore brands , and tends to form a film on the cuticle of your hair. The result? A silky soft feel. However, your natural sebum has trouble penetrating dimethicone film, resulting in dry hair and slip ends. That does not mean dimethicone is a dealbreaker - but do ask a professional for product recommendations. Some brands contain more/less dimethicone than others. Lower levels are generally just fine for your hair.

My overall best advice to you would be to ask a professional. If you are worried they are just trying to sell you, go to a source that you absolutely trust. Perhaps a friend or a family member. If they are like me, they are more concerned about the health of your hair than making a quick buck.

Some of my favorite brands include: DermOrganic, Agadir, Keratin Complex, Alterna, and Surface.


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