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Dermorganic Conditioning Shampoo

Derm organics is a luxurious line of hair treatment products that will treat your hair like royalty. The secret? “Liquid gold”… an exotic oil, known as Argan oil, that comes from the Argan Tree from Morocco. In the year 2000, there were only 6,000 Argan trees in the world. Now, through an aggressive conservation plan the Argan forest has grown to more than 12,000 full-grown trees! This is great news for the Argan Tree…and great news for Derm organics, because Argan oil is a pure, concentrated, softening ingredient that is responsible for the high-performing hair care products that Dermorganic conditioning shampoo has developed. In fact, this “liquid gold”, as it is called, is thought to be the secret to the incredibly soft, supple skin of Moroccan women.



Dermorganic Conditioner


The founder of Dermorganic argan oil shampoo, Stephen Mastey, developed the Dermorganics shampoo hair treatments with the help of his father, the legendary hair stylist and chemist, Henri Mastey. The idea was to create a line of hair care products that were all-natural, high performing and completely safe. As a result, the Dermaorganic hair products are all of these things and more! You can be confident using the Dermorganic conditioning shampoo hair treatments on your hair knowing that they are 100% organic, 100% vegan, free of parabens, glycols, sulfates, alcohol, and glutens, and they contain no DEA, MEA, or colorants. In addition, they have never been tested on animals. With Dermorganic conditioning shampoo your hair products could not be any purer-just 100% high-grade, “liquid gold” and other quality ingredients.



Dermorganic intensive hair repair masque


Of course, you will be able to tell instantly that these hair treatments are special- your hair will be noticeably improved in texture and body as the amino acids and antioxidant rich products repair, reinforce and hydrate your hair. We invite you to try the Dermorganic conditioning shampoo hair products and see why they are a step above the rest! Skin Care by Alana proudly carries the full line of Dermaorganic Products. You can buy any of the Dermorganic conditioning shampoo hair treatment products online anytime or call to speak to a live esthetician who will be happy to take your order and answer any questions you may have. We are standing by 7 days a week to assist you! Skin Care by Alana, in Orange County, CA, is the largest retailer of Dermorganic conditioning shampoo products. We have years of experience selling hair care products to local clients as well as nationwide. Click here to see the Dermorganic Conditioning Shampoo


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