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Are Probiotics Good For Your Skin?

If you follow the supplement scene in any way, shape, or form, it is almost guaranteed that you have heard of (or even tried) probiotic supplements. Indeed, probiotics have taken the health world by storm, offering up a huge number of benefits including: improving digestive health, improving one's overall immune system, balancing the bacteria in the digestive tract, and much more! But what about in topical form? Yes, today we are talking all about probiotics and some of the benefits they can have on your skin.

Probiotics in Skincare | Epicuren | Eminence Organics | Anti Acne | Skin Care

So, what exactly are probiotics? Probiotics are live bacteria and yeast strains that deliver positive benefits. In other words, they are "good bacteria". Yes, this is a real thing! These good bacteria help our bodies to maintain a balance against bad bacteria, which is why they are so beneficial in boosting digestive and overall health. While your body does its best to maintain this balance on it's own, you can sometimes lose some of your natural "good bacteria". Antibiotic use is a huge culprit for this, as it works to get rid of bacteria (both good and bad). Many people enjoy introducing good bacteria (probiotics) into their system when they are healthy to boost their general health and help prevent infections.

Where can you find probiotics? Ahhh the age old question! The easiest place to get a large dose of probiotic goodness is, well, with a supplement! However, there are natural ways to get it as well. Yogurt is typically a good daily source, as are certain fermented foods like kimchi, kombucha, and sauerkraut (YUM). If you feel more comfortable going the food route, look for labeling that boasts "active cultures" for better results.

If you want to give your skin a dose of probiotics without having to alter your diet or supplement habits, look no further than your skin care label to find it. Indeed, many brands have started adding probiotic infused products to their collections, and many of them are absolutely fabulous.

What are the benefits of probiotics in skin care? As a good bacteria, it likely comes as no surprise that probiotics in skin care have been found to be helpful in the treatment of acne. Various studies have suggested that topically applied probiotics can help to prevent pimples, by creating a defense against common acne-causing bacteria. It has also been known to act as an anti-inflammatory.

While the (scientific) jury is still out as to whether or not topical probiotics help to fight the signs on aging, there are still many products that use probiotics and boast anti-aging results. These will typically combine the benefits of probiotics with other active ingredients so you can see beautiful, more youthful looking skin.

How do I incorporate probiotics into my skin care routine? This is fairly simple, start looking for skincare products that use probiotics! You can likely find various recipes (typically including yogurt) for DIY probiotic masks, but you typically cannot patch test with these (for freshness reasons), so please do proceed with caution. Unless otherwise instructed by your physician, I would not recommend trying to use your probiotic supplements as a topical solution as well.

What are some of my favorite probiotic-infused products? I have been a long time fan of Epicuren's Acidophilus Pro-Biotic Facial Cream (this one is especially beneficial for oily, acne prone skin types, and makes for an excellent summertime moisturizer) and many of Eminence Organics' probiotic products (their Clear Skin Probiotic Mask is a wonderful solution for anyone wanting a healthier complexion, but especially beneficial for those looking to prevent acne and regulate oil production).


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