Eminence Organics



Eminence Skin Care is an award-winning company, specializing in truly organic products. They are recognized by skincare professionals and high end users for the quality of the products it has delivered for the past 50 years.

Skincare professionals regularly declare Eminence Organic Skincare their favorite skincare line and consumers choose it as best of the best, awarding the firm's commitment to all natural and organic ingredients.

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All natural ingredients are the main reason Eminence Organic Skincare comes first both in quality and performance and these ingredients are derived directly from Mother Nature. The scientists in their laboratories not only undergo daily processing, but they also study, extract and combine natural oils, pure vegetables and fruits, therapeutic herbs, exotic plants and flowers in order to develop the most nourishing and moisturizing therapeutic products available. All the ingredients used in this line are delivered as pure as Mother Nature intended them to be, with all of their vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This also allows the products to maintain their synthesis abilities even when blended and sealed in the bottle, which means they reach the consumer with full integrity and efficacy that parallels their original purpose. Their products are free of parabens, animal byproducts, additional colorants and fragrances, petroleum and all preservatives that may prove harmful.
After all, this company is an active member of the Organic Trade Association (OTA), the North American association that protects the organic trade by promoting the use of organics and aiding the development of products that are not only based on pure ingredients but are also delivered purely to consumers, guaranteeing the protection of the environment as well as public health. Beyond this, the brand has been awarded the Best of Green Award for its contribution to environmental practices. With so many qualifications, it is hard not to call them the top company in the organic industry that respects the environment and the consumer.

The Brand Story

Eminence makes all-natural handmade products and is a company dedicated to earth-friendly practices, making it one of the leaders among eco-conscious businesses. They are based in Hungary, which has long been a travel destination for people seeking the best European skincare treatments and is home to some of Europe's best soil and geographical elements, all of which make it one of the best places for developing and harvesting natural organic skincare ingredients. For generations, Hungarian women have been creating beautiful handmade skincare products using their country's natural produce and rich minerals. Over 50 years ago, Eminence was created in a small Hungarian village, using family recipes passed down from generation to generation. These old world skincare products have been created using local knowledge of their natural herbs, fruits and plants. They have utilized the vast knowledge of its local medicinal plants to create organic skincare products with proven results. The products are still handmade by this small village's descendants, each ingredient handpicked and each product hand mixed in small batches. They then combine these natural, organic, handpicked ingredients using thermal hot spring water to create some of the world's best skincare products with potent healing and beautifying properties.

The company is exceptionally committed to green and eco-friendly production. In fact, for every product sold, Eminence plants a tree. Since its inception in the late '50s, the brand has been dedicated to sustainable farming practices. This naturally focused company is constantly searching for new ways to lessen its environmental footprint. Nothing gets overlooked - from harvesting, production, packaging and distribution. They are always finding new and inventive strategies to promote earth-conscious practices like hand harvesting, but it has also incorporated cutting-edge technologies for modern convenience where appropriate. It also uses wind and solar power to help run daily operations. This company uses only recyclable packaging, as well as vegetable-based inks in all its printing, along with FSC-certified post-consumer recycled paper and biodynamic farming practices. Even their wooden boxes that are used for shipping are made from post-consumer recycled materials and the packaging chips are made from corn that can be easily dissolved with hot water.

Its commitment doesn't stop at the production center - even its retail stands are created from renewable resources. Its state-of-the-art computer system eliminates printed invoices, which saves up to 20 trees annually. Once products leave Hungary, the eco-friendly practices continue. Eminence has partnered with a distribution company in the U.S., which was one of the first companies to employ a fleet of 100 percent electric trucks. Their Vancouver office uses only recycled paper, energy-efficient appliances and 92 percent of its staff, including the president, walk or bike to work or use public transportation. This line proves to be more than an everyday skincare line. Its natural and historical production techniques and ingredients combined with its eco-friendly standing give it an established and deserved following.