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Your Bridal Q & A's Answered by Beauty Entourage!

Hello Beauty Mates! With spring fast approaching (and thus, wedding season so quickly around the corner) I thought it would be fun to talk BRIDES. And of course, as you all know, I am a huge fan of collaborating with some of the greatest minds in the skin care and beauty industry. I had the pleasure of enjoying a virtual “sit down” with the experts over at Beauty Entourage, where we had the opportunity to discuss some of the common skin care and makeup questions asked by brides. I am beyond excited to share some of their expert insights with you, on achieving your most perfect bridal look on your wedding day!

But first, a little bit about Beauty Entourage… Founded by Celebrity Hair Stylist Ashley Stone, Beauty Entourage is made up of a fabulous traveling team of beauty experts who work together to ensure that their clients (many of whom are brides) look and feel their very best for their special occasions. Their goal is to deliver consistently and reliably for their clients, and believe that the process should be “convenient, empowering, and pressure free.” This fabulous team of beauty artists cut out the stress of going to the salon on your wedding day by going right to their bridal suite. What’s not to love about that?! So without further a do… I am so excited to bring you their answers to some of the most common beauty questions about by brides. And of course, I shared a few of my insights on important bridal skin care questions over on their site, so be sure to head on over and check it out! Happy Wedding Planning! ;)

Your Bridal Q & A’s Answered by Beauty Entourage!

Q: I'm concerned about the longevity of my makeup on my wedding day. My skin is oily and I know I'm going to end up crying during my vows and then sweating on the dance floor! What are your go-to products?

A: Air brush makeup is best for longevity because it is waterproof and sweat pro - yes this magical solution exists! On top of that it also masks pores. The big difference with this type of makeup is the application: the power compressor provides even, full coverage almost like real life photoshop. Since it isn't being applied with a sponge, the product doesn't settle into any lines or wrinkles in the skin and it can be layered without giving that caked on look. To avoid any black streaks when you say "I do" we always use waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Let's put an emphasis on always! MAC Zoom Waterfast Lash is great at staying put with the waterworks!

Brittany Quote | SkinCare by Alana | Beauty Entourage Collaboration

Q: I want to make sure my pictures look great! What will hide the dark circles under my eyes and make my pores disappear without caking on makeup?

A: These are two major issues we all experience, bride-to-be or not! Using a moisturizing eye cream will reduce any dry skin and combat puffiness under the eye. So many brands carry a line of under eye correcting creams and serums and they typically have antioxidants and brightening effects. We stick to some natural DIY methods ourselves such as setting a damp green tea bag on our eyes for a couple minutes and the cold spoon trick (the curve of the spoon is ideal for the under eye area and when taken out of a freezer after a couple minutes, just like a cold pack on a bruise, will reduce inflammation). A thicker concealer will do the trick to even out any darkness still remaining. As for pores, an oil free primer is going to be your savior. Primers pack a punch: minimizing pores, creating a base for makeup application, keeping oil at bay and improving the longevity of your makeup. Honestly, everyone should invest in a primer to suit your sin type.

Q: What do you recommend for a time frame for waxing and getting a facial before the big day? I want to treat myself without ending up with irritated skin!

A: Waxing should be done a week before the wedding. If they absolutely want to wait, at least three days. This will allow time for the skin to heal in the event they have a reaction. What would be worse, having a little shadow, or having full on red, irritated bumps wherever your waxing spots may be? This goes for bikini, underarms, lips, eyebrows, anywhere! Brides that get it done the day before or (even worse) the day of always regret it. Same goes for facials, and for those two to three weeks in advance. You never know the reaction your skin will have whether you get it professionally or try an over-the-counter product. These are intense treatments for your skin! Make sure you're soothing it back to health with vitamin E and aloe products afterwards. The moisturizing qualities will rejuvenate any irritation. Make sure they are natural!

Q: Do you have any wedding prep skin care tips? What's a routine I can utilize leading up to the day?

A: Biggest tip: don't try any new products! Moisturize daily with a product containing SPF, use a mild exfoliating face wash or brush to remove dead skin cells twice a week, ALWAYS remove makeup before bed. We cannot stress this enough ladies, you should always go to bed with a clean face to avoid breakouts, clogged pores and irritation. Anything on your face when you sleep transfers onto your pillowcase, and during the day turns into bacteria and dust mites which then jump back on your face when you go to bed the next night. The two best things you can do the month prior to your big day are to stay hydrated (buy a refillable water bottle and just keep it with you, your skin will thank you) and get enough sleep! These are crucial!!

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Q: It's important to me to have that celebrity, walking the runway look: the full lips and bright eyes. How can I look different form my day-to-day without looking over-the-top?

A: For a healthy lip that will last we always exfoliate first. This is something you can even do yourself with a wet toothbrush or a treatment like Fresh's Sugar Lip Treatment that contains natural ingredients such as, you guessed it, sugar; which will gently slough off the dry skin which acts as the natural defense to wind for the sensitive skin. Products such as Vaseline gained their reputation for a reason, we recommend prepping your pout with Vaseline to smooth out the lines and plump them with moisture. Matte lipsticks and stains will apply easier and avoid drying out your lips. Using these in combo with a lip pencil will keep the color in place. Now, add some highlighter on your cheek bones and the inner corner of your eyes and you're wide awake and glowing! Always set your makeup when you're done with a dusting of setting powder of a mist of setting spray - these will keep your makeup in place for hours.

Your Bridal Q & A’s Answered by Beauty Entourage


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