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You'll Never Guess How People Are Using Essential Oils Now

If you've read my blog before or are familiar with the ingredients I use in my skincare products, you know that I love essential oils for their many benefits!

To sum up, they can have antiseptic properties, balance oiliness, calm inflammation, and reduce the appearance of scars.

Essential oils are also used in aromatherapy, too, as a natural way to relax and reduce stress.

That's another reason why I love them - as a mom and business owner, believe me, I have my share of stress!

So what if I told you companies have come up with a new way to get the calming benefits of essential oils without using a traditional room diffuser?

Behold, vaping pens that use essential oils!

I know, you're probably thinking, "What the heck?!"

Sit tight as I explain this current trend.

What is Vaping?

E-cigarettes (AKA vapes) were created as a discreet way to smoke and serve as an alternative for people who wanted to quit smoking.

While e-cigarettes are less harmful than regular ones, they still aren't completely safe, and can still contain nicotine.

Here's a refresher on how they work:

  • Most have a battery, a heating element, and a place to store the liquid.
  • The liquid can come in a variety of different flavors, like apple pie or blueberry.
  • Users inhale the aerosol into lungs, and they exhale the vapor, which will appear as a cloud of white steam that quickly dissipates.

How Do You Vape Essential Oils?

Brands have introduced the concept of taking the benefits of aromatherapy on the go.

Called "personal diffusers" or "diffuser sticks," they're being touted as a "healthy" way to vape and is being incorporated as part of the huge wellness trend that I'm always talking about.

The devices heat up between 110-25o degrees Fahrenheit.

There are many positive reviews on Amazon, and people have claimed that vaping has helped ease PMS cramps, prevent panic attacks, and serve as a "natural" treatment for anxiety rather than taking prescription medications with undesirable side effects.

Generally speaking, one pen can cost between $15-$50, with oil blend refills around $20 each.


Essential oils aren't meant to be inhaled into the lungs, and I assume users will probably do this by accident.

This could potentially cause irritation or worse.

And, with traditional vaping, people you're around can breathe in the aerosol.

This can happen when vaping essential oils, too, but I couldn't find any research about side effects for others.

There hasn't been enough research done to determine whether vaping essential oils are completely helpful or harmful, of if there's simply a placebo effect.

Scientists know that heating essential oils changing their chemical profile, but haven't concluded if this makes them unsafe.

Final Thoughts

The current wellness trend has brought some pretty interesting stuff into the public spotlight!

Although vaping essential oils are better than tobacco, I would err on the side of caution with this one and stick with a traditional room diffuser.

However, I totally understand the desire to carry that with you!

If you're dealing with a high amount of stress and/or anxiety, I recommend talking to your doctor.

Your health comes first!

Beauties, would you ever vape essential oils?! What are your thoughts on this trend? Let us know in the comments!


Vaping is very relaxing, and this is coming from someone who Vapes regularly. I use non-nicotine vape. Vaping, however, is not in the mouth, out the nose. Some people do this, but most people breathe the vape out of their mouth. Exhaling vapor through the nose can cause problems, because there is vapor left over in the throat, which is dangerous. Vape pens and mods can be cheap, but some are hundreds of dollars. Please talk to your doctor before you start vaping, as it can mess with your health in certain ways, just like any medication or food can.

Rose Willow @ 2018-04-06 7:20pm

? n Using Essential Oils for about 12yrs. Now, me and my little family love them!!! We order from a Great! Company! Called, " YOUNG LIVING " I Love the fact that you, Mrs.Alana, use E.oils in your Face Products! They were The first Medicines, TOTALLY! ALL! NATURAL!, Since Earlier/Biblical Times. Just saying, Some Essential Oils can Truely! Be Ingested, and Some can’t.( You will have to do some investigating to find out which of Them you can Ingest & which ones you can’t. ) They are even putting the fresh herbs in different Holistic Teas to drink, such as Lavender, Lemon, and Others… Essential Oils Are on a Natural High! TODAY, compared to 12yrs. Ago ! Used in Holistic Treatment, ( NATURAL ). Everywhere! So for me, I am going to Get My VAPE! On! As the kids would Say, but Very! Cautiously… Vape ! with Caution ?

Sherry @ 2018-04-06 10:54am

V. Nice

Basit @ 2018-03-22 3:10am

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