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Winter Skincare Tips

Winter is just around the corner - crazy right?! And with that comes the holidays, and of course, holiday photos. I love this sweater weather just as much as the rest of you, but there is one thing I do not love about the winter season and that is dry skin. I want to help you keep your skin in tip-top holiday shape! Are you ready for it?

My Winter Skincare Tips & Essentials

Ask An Expert - winter skincare can be tricky, especially for those of us with combination skin. I always recommend seeking out an expert opinion. You've heard that you should diagnose your sicknesses of the internet, and oftentimes the same rings true for your skin. Here at Skincare by Alana it is my mission to provide you with a personalized shopping experience - which is why my expert estheticians and I are always happy to chat with you about your skincare needs and concerns. We are available via phone, chat, and email, so don't be shy! Let us help you on your journey to beautifully nourished, winter skin!

Indulge In Moisture - the tricky thing about the seasons changing is that you really have to alter your skincare regimen as well. YES, there are some lucky ladies out there who can keep up a minimalist effort year round and looking flawless. But the truth is, most of us need to tailor it for best results. If you find your skin feel extra dry, try a more moisturizing product to counteract. Also, be mindful of your skin type. It does not serve you well to use a product for dry skin when your skin type is oily.

Stay True To Sunscreen - I cannot stress this enough. So many people ditch their sunscreen as soon as the cloud cover and cooler temperatures roll in. Your skin is just as vulnerable during this time of year - so be sure to stay strong on your SPF usage. I personally love tinted moisturizers to give me sheer, natural coverage while protecting my skin from the sun.

Cool It Down - there are few things that are more relaxing than a hot bath or shower during the colder winter months. But the hot water is actually very drying to your skin. So Try to stick with warm water instead of hot. Also, don't forget to apply your favorite body moisturizing afterwards to help keep your skin hydrated. I love Epicuren's After Bath Moisturizer.

Up Your H20 - I know what you are thinking - its colder out so you don't have to drink as much water, right? Wrong! Just because the weather has cooled down does not mean you should skimp on your 8 glasses a day! Drinking enough water is not only good for your overall health, it is also great for your skin!

Slow Down On Peels - I am all about peels during the summer, but during the winter months it is important to slow down a bit on frequency. Over doing it can cause your skin to dry out even more - which as well as know is not fun! Follow the instructions on your favorite products and adjust as needed. If your skin does just fine with the recommended amount, then keep it up! If you find your skin feeling dry, slow it down. One thing that I highly recommend AGAINST is using a product more than the directions tell you to. I understand the mentality that "if you use it more, it will work better/faster". However, companies set these guidelines for a reason and it is always to protect your beautiful skin! So follow directions.

Swap Humidifiers For Space Heaters - when it gets super cold indoors many of us have the natural habit of turning to heaters. However, this does encourage dry skin, which is why I always recommend swapping it for a humidifier. It may not get the house as warm as a heater, but it is great for your skin and also helps prevent dry throat. If all else fails, bundle up! Your energy bill will thank you, as well.

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