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Winter Hair Problems... Solved!

Is the colder weather making your hair freak out? I know mine is! Dry scalp, frizzy hair, and limp or windblown strands, are just a few of winter’s punishments that I experience. Here are some helpful tips to help combat these winter hair problems. Now you can show off your precious healthy locks!

Cold-Induced Frizz
Winter’s cold, dry air causes our hair to fly away, spread, and frizz! Invest in some hydrating, smoothing, and conditioning shampoo to help fight these hair problems. Try to avoid over-styling your hair from the use of straighteners, curling irons and blow dryers. The cuticles of our hair become damaged from this excessive and artificial heat.

Dry Scalp
A mixture of sub-zero temperatures outside and very warm temperatures inside will cause our scalp to feel dry. You can brush off this embarrassing hair problem by using a shampoo infused with tea tree oil. Shampoos that contain five per cent standardized tea tree oil will reduce itchiness and dandruff. Massaging olive oil in our scalp and soaking it for thirty minutes is another way to reduce dryness.

Limp Hair
Wearing hats and scarves during the winter can cause limp and lifeless hair. Bring life back to your locks by keeping a root-boosting mousse spray handy in case of emergency! Another helpful tip to keep your hair full of life is to use rollers on the top part of your hair every morning for about thirty minutes. Try using one of our most popular products, Agadir's Styling Mousse.

Split Ends
Split ends are a very common hair problem that almost all women have. One way our hair becomes damaged is by using too much artificial heat. To help this problem, shampoo your hair every other day. This will allow your hairs’ natural oils to be absorbed. Also, try using an overnight deep-hair conditioning treatment to kick up the extra moisture. Komenuka Bijan's Hair Treatment is super moisturizing and helps my ends from splitting.

Dull Hair
When your hair starts to fade, some people say it begins less shiny. Try using a professional glaze treatment to help restore shine and luster or try semi-permanent color. I like to use DermOrganic's Leave in Treatment.

With these tips, hopefully your hair will look better this winter!

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