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Will Rolling Jade All Over Your Face Really Improve Your Skin?

Have you been rolling along with the latest skin care trends?

If so, chances are you’ve heard about jade rollers.

Maybe you’ve seen your favorite beauty blogger gliding a pretty pastel green stone across her temples, or maybe you’ve spotted an adorable jade roller in your favorite boutique and wanted to learn more.

Whatever it is, there’s no denying that the small, light green tool that’s reminiscent of a beautified paint roller has been everywhere lately.

And celebrities, such as notably makeup-free Alicia Keys, have proudly proclaimed their affinity for jade rollers as well (plus Demi Lovato and Madonna!).

So, what’s the deal?

Are jade rollers just another pretty item that’ll look good on your vanity?

Or will jade rollers actually help your skin feel cooler, smoother, and healthier?

Not to mention, where did jade rolling come from? And why is it regaining popularity now?

Keep on reading to find out the answers to these questions and more!

What is Jade Rolling?

So, what exactly is a jade roller?

The tool itself is somewhere in between a rolling pin and a paint roller, with the “rolling pin” part made of jade stone (although there are other rollers made with other stones, too, like rose quartz).

The intended use is for the jade roller to be swept (or rolled) across your face, mimicking the effects of a lymphatic massage.

The most typical results are a cooling sensation, anti-inflammatory properties, and a lymph-draining effect — all effects that can do wonders for the skin on your pretty ‘lil face!

Plus, the jade stone itself is also said to draw out negative energy and balance your “chi” (otherwise known as your spirit or life-force).

Even if you’re unsure if you believe that certain stones have certain powers, you can definitely appreciate some of the benefits of jade rolling, trust me!

What Are the Benefits of Jade Rolling?

There’s no denying that jade rolling feels good — especially after a long day — but it can also help us look good!

Here are some of the most widely cited benefits of jade rolling:

  • Combats Undereye Bags And Dark Circles

If you’ve ever stuck a spoon in your freezer with plans to press it on your face the next morning to combat tired under eyes or a “puffy” face, there’s a good chance you may be interested in the benefits of a jade roller.

Just like that frozen spoon, jade rolling can help to reduce the dark circles and/or puffiness under your eyes after a restless night (or, more realistically, a restless week).

While dark undereye circles can be influenced by a variety of factors (and can sometimes simply be genetic), jade rolling can show serious improvement in those pesky undereye bags.

Because the jade is naturally cooling, rolling the stone can help to make the underlying blood vessels smaller, and therefore decrease the noticeable “bags.”

I think we can all agree that the only bags we wanna see are cute, leather ones in our closet, am I right?

  • Reduces Puffiness

Another major benefit of jade rolling goes back to the lymphatic massage that I mentioned earlier.

Lymphatic fluid is generally the culprit that causes our faces to get puffier at times.

Essentially, lymphatic fluid is waste fluid that flows out of your lymph nodes and can collect around your eyes and cheeks, resulting in a puffier look (and generally not the look we’re going for).

A jade roller massage can help to drain this lymphatic fluid and return it back to the cardiovascular system where it belongs.

Not to mention, massaging around the eyes is known to combat sinus infections and immune issues.

Some fans of jade rollers even claim that using them regularly acts as a “natural” contouring device!

A tauter face plus less pesky winter colds?

I think that’s something we can all get behind, don’t you?

  • Increases Circulation

We all know that increased circulation is a good thing, but do we know why?

Well, gorgeous, better circulation can lead to better skin!

In particular, the increased circulation that can result from jade rolling can help clear up acne, reduce signs of aging, and give you that good ‘ol glow to make it look like you’ve got a great night’s rest (even if you haven’t, it’ll be our little secret).

  • Eases Product Absorption

Another great thing about jade rolling? Some say that it helps their beauty products (AKA moisturizers, serums, and oils) absorb into their skin better.

This means that jade rolling can potentially help you use less product with more effects by allowing whatever product you use with it to absorb better into your skin.

That means less product waste and less expensive serum on your pillowcase — sounds like a win to me!

Wondering what products would be good to use after your rolling sesh? I've got you covered!

Alana Mitchell Hyaluronic Moisture Boost Serum

Alana Mitchell Night R1 Retinol Facial Oil

Alana Mitchell Daily Vitamin C Moisturizer

Alana Mitchell Organic MCT Facial Oil

  • Reduces Stress

Whether we notice it or not, we all hold tension in certain parts of our body, such as our hips, our hands, or even our jaws.

This can lead to cramps, soreness, and increased stress — not to mention wrinkles!

Using a jade roller essentially does double-duty as a face massage, and who among us couldn’t use one of those?

The cool sensation of the jade in conjunction with the pressure on certain parts of your face will help you loosen up all that clenching, exhale, and say “ahh.”

Some people claim that face masks are their go-to stress reliever, but I think jade rolling might up the ante even more!

Where Did Jade Rolling Originate?

While there is no “official” origin story for jade rolling, most people agree that jade rolling was originally used in Ancient Chinese beauty rituals as far back as the 7th century, where the jade was said to have mystic powers.

Sources say that jade was mostly used to help Chinese royalty retain good spirits — and I’m sure the skincare benefits didn’t hurt!

What Other Stones Can Be Used Besides Jade?

If you’re into crystals or anything more on the “mystic” and “spiritual” side of things, you may be wondering what other stones can be used in a facial roller.

Or, you may simply not love the color green and are hoping for a millennial pink option.

Whatever your reason, rest assured I would never judge you!

Traditionally, the jade stone is said to represent healing and protection.

The jade stone is also said to promote wisdom, balance, and peace.

Sounds nice, right?

However, if you’re more interested in a stone with a pinkish hue, you may want to try a rose quartz roller.

Yep, it’s exactly what it sounds like.

It’s the same contraption as a jade roller, just with a rose quartz stone instead of jade.

Rose quartz is said to traditionally be the stone of universal love (and yes, self-love counts!).

It’s also said to be the stone of peace and deep inner healing.

Some people also claim that rose quartz’s naturally cooling stone properties can help reduce the appearance of large pores.

But, wait, there’s another option, too!

Amethyst rollers have also been gaining popularity.

Amethyst is said to be a natural tranquilizer with strong healing and cleansing patterns.

It’s even said to eradicate anger, rage, fear, anxiety, and sadness.

While I can’t personally attest to how effective amethyst is at quelling negative emotions, it would just be an added bonus on top of the facial massage and skincare benefits!

How Do You Use a Jade Roller? And How Often?

Like any trending beauty item, jade rollers can now be purchased for at-home-use, and at a wide variety of price points.

You can find jade rollers for around $65 at Nordstrom or from celebrity facialist Angela Caglia, but you can also find jade rollers for around $7 on Amazon.

There’s nothing wrong with scoring a steal — especially when trying a new product that you’re hesitant about — but just remember that the lower the price point, the more likely that said “jade roller” isn’t real jade.

Or, at the very least, there is plastic mixed in to help lower the price point.

Although jade rollers are relatively newly available in the direct to consumer market, they’re actually super simple to use!

All you have to do is pop your jade roller in your refrigerator for a few hours (like you would do with a spoon), and take it out when you’re ready to use it.

Then, apply your favorite serum, moisturizer, or oil to the roller (like you would a paint roller).

Now, it’s time to get rollin’!

Roll from your neck to your forehead in short, careful strokes.

It should feel nice and relaxing, not painful or straining.

Don’t forget, the rolling isn’t just about distributing product, it also does double-duty as a massage — so enjoy it!

As long as you’re rolling properly, there’s really no “limit” to how often you should use your jade roller.

I like to use mine first thing in the morning every day to make myself feel a little pampered before I get my day started — and that cool stone wakes me right up!

Is There a Wrong Way to Jade Roll?

Like most skincare regimens, there’s a right and wrong way to jade roll, and there are certain people who may be doing more harm than good to themselves with a product like this one.

For starters, always make sure to roll “up and out” rather than down.

Mother nature (or, gravity) already weighs our facial skin down as we get older, so there’s no reason to expedite the process.

Instead, roll in the opposite direction to help combat those pesky signs of aging.

Another no-no? Rolling dry.

Imagine if your masseuse was to do her regular routine without the lotion or oil? Ouch!

Whatever you do, be patient.

Just like going to one workout class won’t make your arms look like Sarah Jessica Parker’s, a few jade-rolling sessions isn’t going to magically transform your skin — but you knew that already, right?

As for who shouldn’t be jade rolling?

If your skin is prone to inflammation, or a skin condition such as rosacea or eczema, you probably should steer clear of any facial rolling.

The increased circulation could possibly make your problems worse, and it’s probably not worth the risk!

Lastly, if you’re using products on your jade roller (and remember, you should be), you want to make sure you’re washing your roller after each use.

Some gentle, unscented soap and water should do the trick!

Final Thoughts

It seems like there is a new skincare “trend” resurfacing every week, so it can be tough to tell which ones will work for you, and which ones are heavy on the pretty packaging and light on the results.

From my personal experience, I can attest to the fact that jade rolling is definitely worth your time (and money).

It feels good, it works, and if done properly, there’s a good chance you’ll see many of the benefits that others claim to see from the same process with time and consistency.

One of the reasons that jade rolling may seem “new” is because it was previously only available in spas and is now making its way to the mainstream.

So, even though it seems like it’s just getting its fifteen minutes of fame, facial rolling has been done for many, many years — which is a good thing!

Have you tried jade rolling? Or facial rolling with another stone? I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below!


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