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What is the best product(s) for diminishing the lines above the upper lip?

I received the above question from a friend on my facebook page, and here is the answer! First, a little background: As I am sure we are all aware, wrinkles are a natural plan of the aging process. As skin ages, it loses its elasticity. The skin around our mouths is a common place where people receive wrinkles due to the frequent movement that occurs at that location. These fine lines on our upper lip tend to be noticeable, but with these tips can be treated!

Moisturize! To begin, try and keep your upper lip moisturized. If you use a moisturizer with at least a SPF of 15, this will help to prevent the formation of lines and deepening of current lines. At night, be sure to use a moisturizer as well to help revive your skin. I like to use Epicuren’s Evening Emulsion. It works great and really helps to diminish the appearance of fine lines!

Next, apply a serum that contains glycolic acid. Glycolic acid will help exfoliate old skin cells and help to allow new smooth skin to grow. DDF or Doctor’s Dermalogic Formula makes a great 10% Glycolic Gel that is a top seller!

A FREE and simple tip is, try to relax your mouth. The longer you hold certain expressions, the more tension will occur in that area, causing the skin to wrinkle over prolonged periods of time. Be aware of the expressions you are making during the day. This conscious effort will help to decrease the amount of tension.

I have noticed, that using an anti-wrinkle cream above my lip hashelped tremendously! I love IsClinical's Youth Complex cream. This product acts as a liquid filler! It contains alpha hydroxy acids that helps to naturally remove dead skin while filling in the lines I have. Who needs Botox when they have this? Not me! Another great ingredient that will help is Retin-A. Epicuren, one of our great natural lines, has a great Retinol Anti-Wrinkle Complex that is full of Vitamins.

Treatments also work great. Our esthetician here at the spa (Spa Alana), Linnsey offers Microdermabrasions that work wonders. These treatments use a machine with a vacuum tip hand piece with Crystals. These treatments will help by using a high concentration of exfoliation to your skin. Microdermabrasion's will also help with uneven skin tones, scars, brown spots, and more!

Last but not least, proper rest is very important to maintain healthy skin in general. If you do not get enough sleep, you will be more prone to premature wrinkling. I try and get at least 7 hours a sleep at night.

With these tips, you should be able to see a difference of your skin. Continual usage of these products will really help to diminish your appearance of the lines above your mouth, and everywhere else for that matter! Try using products such as above every day. We can help you further customize an upper mouth routine that works well for your certain skin type, just call us at 949-290-2294.

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