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What is PH Balance?

PH balance - I am sure we have all heard of it in some way, shape, or form. Whether it be from our biology class or our dermatologists, PH balance is something that so many of us overlook. Simply because, many of us don't really know what it means for our health and our skin! So, what is PH balance? Essentially it is the acidity or alkilinity of a substance. Now, we all know what an acid and a base is, but what I want to talk to you about today is the benefits of keeping them balanced! Yes, many people live with an unbalanced PH level, and it may be effecting their health in ways they didn't even imagine!

PH Balanced Diet

DERMORGANIC ARGAN OIL CONDITIONING SHAMPOO | SKINCARE BY ALANA | PH BALANCE | ACIDITY | ALKALINITY | BASE | ACID | BALANCEWe have all heard the saying "you are what you eat". And at times this phrase can be absolutely true! Everything you eat leaves a residue behind in your body, and it is either acidic or alkaline. However, things are are acidic don't necessarily leave behind an acidic residue, and vice-versa. So it is important to do some research on what foods leave behind what residue. PH ranges from 0 (highest level of acidity) to 14 (highest level of alkalinity), and a good balance is 7 (which is neutral). And different components of your body will have different levels from 0-14. For instance, your stomach is naturally acid to aid in food breakdown, whereas your blood is naturally alkaline.

So, how does this diet work? The diet itself is pretty simple, you eat approximately 80% alkaline-producing foods to balance the body's PH. The diet consists largely of fruits and vegetables.

What are the benefits? There are many alleged benefits to the PH Balance Diet, including: easier muscle preservation, anti-aging benefits, weight loss, improved energy levels, improved immune function, and reduced pain and inflammation.

PH Balanced Shampoo

DERMORGANIC ARGAN OIL CONDITIONING SHAMPOO | SKINCARE BY ALANA | PH BALANCE | ACIDITY | ALKALINITY | BASE | ACID | BALANCEWhen it comes to shampoos, you want the PH balance to be tipped slightly towards the acidic side . Why, you ask? Because that is what keeps your hair healthy, smooth, and strong. You hair has cuticles that slightly resemble shingles on a rooftop, and when they become too alkaline they tend to raise up cause your hair to be frizzy and dried-out. Using a PH Balanced Shampoo will help keep your hair smooth, resulting in healthier, shinier hair! My personal favorite is DermOrganic's Argan Oil Conditioning Shampoo paired with their Argan Oil Masque Conditioner.

PH Balanced Soap

DERMORGANIC ARGAN OIL CONDITIONING SHAMPOO | SKINCARE BY ALANA | PH BALANCE | ACIDITY | ALKALINITY | BASE | ACID | BALANCEMany of the soaps we buy at the store are tipped more on the "basic" scale, meaning it has a higher alkalinity. However, our skin naturally produces an acidic barrier, and using a basic soap can strip our skin causing it to feel dry, itchy, and vulnerable. So, what kind of soaps are better suited for your skin? I like to aim towards soaps that are either neutral or slightly acid. That way my skin will receive a deep cleanse without stripping it of anything.

Some fabulous facial cleansers include: Epicuren's Apricot Cream Cleanser and Epicuren's Herbal Cleanser. I also love Image Skincare's Vital C Cleanser, Bioelement's Sensitive Skin Cleanser, Eminence Organics Coconut Milk Cleanser, and Rhonda Allison's Milk Plus Cleanser. All of these are fabulous, nourishing, and PH Balanced.

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