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What Happened To Epicuren Balms & Sunscreens?

I have so many customers who, like me, adore Epicuren's SPF products. Which is why I wanted to write a little update to keep you all in-the-know. As some of you may have heard, the FDA has come forth with new regulations, causing many manufacturers to have to reformulate and repackage. For this reason, Epicuren sunscreens will be on backorder for a while. That being said, I want to share what is available with you!

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Epicuren Sunscreens & The FDA Changes

EPICUREN DISCOVERY | SKINCARE BY ALANA | SUNSCREEN | SUN PROTECTION | SPF | UVA | UVB RAYS | FDA REGULATIONS | BROAD SPECTURE | HOLOCUREN | TEA TREE LIP BALM | ANTI AGING | SKIN CANCER PREVENTION | PROTECTION YOURSELFI have had many people write and ask me what is going on with the FDA Changes. And I do think it is important for us all to be well-informed on the changes. Up until recently many sunscreens with high-SPF were only providing protection against UVB rays, which are know to cause sunburn. It is important for us to remember that we need protection from both UVA and UVB rays, as UVA rays are known to cause wrinkles, skin damage, and worst of all skin cancer. It is important to gravitate towards Broad Spectrum sunscreens, which protect against both UV ray types .

Another change that you may notice is that SPF50 is as high as it gets. Recent studies have shown that anything exceeding SPF50 may not necessarily provide any better protection. Many people who have been using products above SPF50 have been under the impression that they can reapply less often, which is unfortunately not the case.

Many of us have gravitate towards higher SPF products. But I have also seen people reach for SPF15 and lower in the hopes of protecting their skin will getting their tan on. The FDA has made it mandatory for anything lower than SPF15 to carry a label stating that it will not protect against skin cancer. So if you seek genuine protection from the sun, choose a sunscreen ranging from SPF15-50.

"Waterproof" sunscreen has been all the rage, especially over the summertime when we hit the beach or pool. However, new FDA rules require manufacturers to revoke their waterproof claims, in favor of water resistant. They also require brands to instruct how often to apply, as sunscreen does tend to wear off anywhere between 40-80 minutes. I know that reapplication can be a hassle, but your health and your skin will thank you! There are so many fabulous products on today's market that make reapplication easy and mess free!

Epicuren Balms

EPICUREN DISCOVERY | SKINCARE BY ALANA | SUNSCREEN | SUN PROTECTION | SPF | UVA | UVB RAYS | FDA REGULATIONS | BROAD SPECTURE | HOLOCUREN | TEA TREE LIP BALM | ANTI AGING | SKIN CANCER PREVENTION | PROTECTION YOURSELFI absolutely love Epicuren's Tea Tree Lip Balm, and have recommended it to a number of my friends, family, and Beauty Mates! Which is why I want to keep you updated on its status. We will no longer be carrying the twist-tube balms, however we will still carry the pots, which are equally fabulous! Other wonderful lip products to look into would be Holocuren Miracle Lips & Holocuren Miracle Lips Roll On Serum, created by Robert Heimen, the founder and formulator of Epicuren Discovery.

Helpful Tips

  • Reapply your products as instructed - Sunscreen does wear off throughout the day.
  • Wear a hat/sun cover - this will provide you fabulous, mess-free protection from the sun.
  • Use an umbrella at the beach - this will be especially helpful when it is time to reapply your sunscreen, as it takes approximately 30 minutes for sunscreen to become effective.
  • Use self tanner - or get a spray tan. It is totally possible to get a gorgeous glowing bronze without that orange oompa-loompa appearance.


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