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Spring Wedding Looks

wedding looks rachel zoeTime to swoon over Spring Wedding Looks! I don't know about you, but I love this season!! Chance to dance with my girls, eat a free meal, and of course, dress up! Now normally, wedding styling advice is all about the bride and bridal party. I was thrilled when I stumbled upon Rachel Zoe's (who I'm obsessed with) blog post about what to wear as a guest! Brilliant! Here are my favorite picks!

maxi dress wedding looksMaxi Dress

Especially for a spring wedding, when our legs haven't seen enough of the sun (or in my case, the gym) a Maxi Dress is a girl's best friend. No one knows what we are hiding under there! The look is and feels effortless. No riding, no tugging on a hem line, or worrying over buldging! It's like sweats in a dress. They keep you warm when it's cold and breathe when it's warm. Basically, I want to wear these every single day.

Sunless Tanner

If you are showing some skin, you'll need a tan to complete your wedding look. There are a ton of great sunless tanners on the market, but I personally use Tan Towel ($4.25) because it works! The towels are easy to use and give natural results instead of that orange fake and bake look.

wedding looks lipLip Stick

I think the perfect lip shade pulls the whole look together! I'm loving Tokyo Milk Kits ($24). They are luxiourous, long wearing and come with mints for your clutch! Kiss and Tell is a great nude shade if you are in the market. A black Maxi with a nude lip is my wedding look go-to for the summer.

wedding looks clutchClutch

Speaking of a great clutch, have you seen the Michael Kors iPhone Wallet? So, I don't actually own one (yet) but I'm working on it! It holds your phone, a key, and I'm guessing I could stash a lipgloss and small compact in there. Voila! Perfect for an all day event like a wedding. Sorry, hubby- you have to carry your own wallet and keys this time;)

wedding looks mousseBeach Hair

We'd all love to wake up with a head full of bouncy, natural looking, beach waves but few of us do. Thank God for hair products! Apply mousse to damp hair. I like Bosley Volumizing and Thickening and Styling Mousse ($16) because it's humidity resistant. Blow dry in sections for volume. As you complete a section, twist with your fingers and work around the head. Spritz hairspray on to your twists and shake out. Take a 1" curling iron and wrap sections that need more curl around the outside of the curling iron away from the face. Don't use the clamp- that's the trick to getting waves vs. curls. Comb out with your fingers. From here, you can wear down or pin up in a messy bun or chignon bun. Looking for a deeper hair restoration solution? Bosley offers a wide array of products to help restore hair growth, as well as a procedure to aid in permanent hair restoration!

wedding looks modelModel in a Bottle

Don't let your wedding look go to waste! Seal the whole thing with a spray of Model in a Bottle ($18). This will keep your makeup in place through the tears, hugs, and glasses of champagne! I just read that Starbuck's napkins work great for blotting! Score!

Don't you love celebrating love? Enjoy your weddings with my picks for looking fabulous without upstaging the bride! I'd love to hear some of your favorite wedding looks!

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