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Vitamin Spotlight: Should You Be Consuming Vitamin K2?

As a health and skincare enthusiast, I am a firm believer in selecting the right vitamins for your individual needs, which is why I advise you to do research and speak with your healthcare professional before embarking on any new supplement regimen. I love reading up on the latest and greatest in the vitamin world, and one vitamin in particular that has recent caught my attention is Vitamin K2.


There are a number of reasons why one might be interested in trying Vitamin K2, and I want to share those reasons with you! Are you ready for it?

The Benefits

K2Anti-Aging – I am sure you have noticed that many people of Asian descent tend to looking younger, longer. It turns out, Vitamin K2 plays a large role! Natto, one of the best sources of K2, is consumed regularly in many Asian regions, which explains why people of Asian descent have a reputation for aging so gracefully.

Bone Density – When you think “bone health” I can almost guarantee your first two thoughts are: calcium and vitamin D. While these two are great for contributing to bone density and overall bone health, K2 helps to ensure that both of these are absorbed in all the right places. One surprising tidbit of information I found during my research was that there is a strong correlation between low bone density and premature signs of aging.

Healthy Teeth – This came as no surprise, since teeth are made of bone! In fact, research suggests that K2 can help prevent tooth decay, sensitive, and other dental issues.

Heart Health – As I mentioned before, Vitamin K2 helps to direct calcium to where it should be, for optimal absorption. Likewise, it keeps calcium away from places where it should not be, like your arteries! This helps to promote heart health and prevent any blockages. This has both internal and external benefits – your arteries will be more clear , and you will have less chance of developing varicose veins.

How to Get K2

There are two ways of upping your Vitamin K2 game. You can either: take a supplement, or eat more foods that are high in Vitamin K2. As far as supplementation goes: be sure to consult your health care provider! Once they have given you the green light to add this vitamin to your arsenal, you will be able to find it in multiple health food and vitamin shops. Doing research is essential! When it comes to supplements, you do not want to grab at the quickest, cheapest thing you can find. Look at different options, read reviews, research ingredients, and know what dose is right for you.

For those of you who prefer getting their Vitamin K2 through their diet, I recommend the following: Natto , liver, dairy products, and egg yolks. These products have been proven to be K2 rich, but again: read nutritional labels and shop smart! Not all food products are created equal .VITAMIN SPOTLIGHT | VITAMIN K2 | K2 | ANTI AGING | BONE HEALTH | HEART HEALTH | CARDIOVASUCAL HEALTH | DENTAL HEALTH

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