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Virtual Makeover in 2022 - Free Online Virtual Hair and Face Make Overs

Raise your hand if you enjoy anything that makes your life easier, like a virtual makeover!

(You can't see, but mine is raised.)

For me, online shopping is one of those things.

makeover picture

You can't beat the convenience!

However, I know myself and others hesitate to buy cosmetics online.

It's hard to make a decision when you can't exactly know how a product looks or feels on your skin.

It's always disappointing to order something and then having to send it back!

Luckily, there are solutions available.

Cosmetic companies have been using digital technology called "augmented reality" (AR) to help customers try before they buy while shopping online.

Sound unfamiliar?

If you've heard of Sephora's Visual Artist, L'Oreal Paris' Make-up Genius, or Yves Saint Laurent and Google Glass, these are all examples of AR.

Well, today I'd like to share a couple of my favorite apps for trying on makeup - ModiFace and ModiFace live!

They're both fabulous ways to get a free online virtual makeover.

So, what do they do?

Let me tell you!

virtual hairstyle free online

Virtual Make Over Background

Founded 10 years ago, ModiFace is made up of scientists and engineers and has 30+ patents and 200+ scientific publications.

Cool fact: Nearly every major beauty brand uses its technology (including Sephora and L'Oreal Paris, like I mentioned above).

Dermatologists and plastic surgeons also use the platform to show patients what they would look like after a face-lift or other treatment.

And, they pay $200,000 - $500,000 a year to use ModiFace's technology in their own apps. Wow!

Here's what Modiface is known for:

  • AR Mobile Modules (Apps) - Based on the branding, ModiFace creates a unique and custom app experience for phone or tablet. The products are precisely simulated and appear true to color. Estée Lauder uses it in their Facebook Messenger.
  • Web E-Commerce AR - This allows customers to see any product on a live photo or video directly on the company's product website and mobile site. It's accessible via HTML through any browser and is the most universal.
  • In-Store AR Mirrors - You might've seen these in Sephora, too. According to the ModiFace website, the software "provides a universal set of features for the most popular smart mirrors on the market." This has been so successful that in-store sales have increased by 31% because customers are more confident about what they buy.

Makeup Quiz - virtual makeover

How Do Virtual Makeovers Work?

Here's how this seemingly magical program works!

First, models with different skin tones try on a company's makeup under dim, medium, and bright lights.

Scanners teach the app how the makeup should actually look, and an algorithm is generated for virtually applying it on anyone.

It's incredibly easy to use.

Simply upload a selfie and try on the latest and greatest in hair and makeup, all from the comfort of your own home!

You can choose your look for yourself, or you can borrow from celeb makeup and hairstyles.

And, if you fall in love with a product and want to buy it, ModiFace clearly states the brand and color!

Pro tip: Instead of showing up to the salon with a picture of the hairstyle you want on someone else, take your ModiFace selfie!

Interestingly enough, many people use the app as a game, too.

totally free online virtual makeover

Fabulous Features: Your Online Virtual Makeover

You can find it for iOS and Android apps.

  • Face - This section is amazing! Its options include foundation, concealer, blush, contouring, and highlighting. Try out a number of shades to find the perfect one(s) for you. If you feel you are in between shades, it's best to get both and mix. I'm always mixing to create my perfectly customized skin shade.
  • Eyes - There is so much to be seen in this fabulous section. Try on eyeshadows, from single shade to 3-shade looks. Test out different eyeliners and mascaras. And, try out the brow section! I know so many people who are daunted by the idea of filling in their brows - this is actually something that looks great on almost everyone. You can even try out different colored contact lenses! Now you can know what you'd look like with green eyes.
  • Lips - We've all been there...we buy a shade of lipstick, only to realize after that it's totally not our color. This is probably one of my favorite features of ModiFace! Try on a huge selection of lipsticks, lip gloss, and lip liner to find the absolute best shades for you.
  • Skincare - This section is more so about touching up your pictures. You have the option to reduce rosacea, acne, uneven skin texture, and discoloration while brightening and tanning your skin. It's totally customizable, which means you are in control of how much/little you change.
  • Hair - We've all been guilty of being too afraid to try out a new color or style. The hair section is the perfect way to try it before going all the way. If you find a color you like but wish to modify the length, you can use the "scissors" tool to cut it to your liking!
  • Teeth Whitening - Last but certainly not least, you can brighten your smile!
ModiFace Live Virtual Make Overs

Released last year, the ModiFace Live app allows users to apply real-time makeup effects to their live videos, which are then able to be recorded, saved as a picture, or shared on social media.

The Live Scan technology used in the app was developed for nearly 10 years.

It takes a 3D live recording of any photo or video to detect the makeup colors and styles.

The user is then immediately able to try on a look.

You can even scan a picture or video of someone else's face, and the app will transfer the makeup onto its chart.

ModiFace Live introduced a new feature, "emoji effects," which can change the shape of the user's nose, mouth, or eyes to look like an emoji.

Users can mix and match several effects, change their intensity, and compare their regular appearance with their modified one.

ModiFace Live is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

What happened to taaz virtual makeover?

For many, the brand Taaz may come to mind when thinking about online virtual makeovers. If it does, you may be surprised to learn that this early leader in the virtual make over space is now defunct. It closed its *virtual* doors several years back.

Like most things, technology comes and goes. In the case of Taaz, it did the latter, but it wasn’t without making a splash for better, more high-tech free online virtual makeover platforms to arise in its absence.

The Taaz platform was great to try on different, trendy hairstyles. Users would upload a picture to see their hairstyle. After uploading said makeover picture, Taaz allowed you to try virtual hairstyles free online.

This early exploration tool was extremely valued by its customers. After all, what is worse than getting a haircut that you think will look good in theory, only to learn that in actuality, it uh, wasn’t such a great fit? Not many things. That’s why Taaz became such a success.

What are the best virtual makeover apps?

If you’re curious about how to get a free online virtual makeover now, you’re in luck, because there are several amazing online platforms you can peruse. Let’s go a few that we think you’ll love and their benefits.

Perfect365 Virtual Make Overs

Not a fan of having to get super techy when using a virtual makeover app and want to get free virtual hair makeovers with the least to-do? Then Perfect365 is probably suited just for you.

This platform just has you upload a photo of yourself. Once done, it automatically maps different key points on your face to make sure that your virtual make over goes smoothly.

Not a fan of how it mapped you? No worries. You can quickly readjust the points to your fancy, too. Which makes this basically a fool-proof tool.

From there, you can either try on their pre-made makeover selections or customize your own! Pretty savvy (pun-intended).

The only downside that you should know, which isn’t really a downside thanks to screenshotting, is you have to pay to save unlimited makeover looks.

YouCam Makeup Online Makeovers

Another platform that’s up there with Perfect365 is YouCam Makeup. This free virtual makeover site works nearly identical to Perfect365 with its makeover generator. It maps out your facial points automatically, which gives it brownie points for ease-of-use.

Plus, unlike Perfect365, all you have to do to gain access to saving unlimited looks is simply making an account. No payments here, just 30 seconds of name-email-submit, and you can bother your S.O. or friends endlessly about which of the hundreds of free virtual makeovers looks best on you.

Find the right app or software, upload your picture. Your selfie should have hair up, no bangs and no makeup with some good lighting. Lastly, try on different hair styles and makeup

How to do a virtual makeover?

As known by now, there’s usually a main step involved in the makeup makeover online thing. That is: A virtual makeover requires your own photo.

Plain and simple. To get started, you can’t be camera shy. But in this day and age, with selfies being all the rage, who is really? Right?

So, what you’ll need to do is the following to ensure a free online makeover experience that is smooth and successful.

  1. Find a makeover platform that is suitable for your own personal needs. There’s no right or wrong one, just some that work best for you. Since they are free, try different ones out and then go ahead and play with the one that’s easiest.
  2. After finding the platform, it’s time to upload your picture. Take that selfie with your hair up (no bangs!) and no makeup. It’s okay, you can delete it forever after-the-fact.
  3. Once this is done, upload and let the platform do its thing. It’ll produce your picture with a face map overlay. If you aren’t 100% about the line-up points, you can adjust. Be smart here, the more accurate, the better.
  4. Now it’s time to have some fun! You can add different hairstyles and adjust them to fit your face frame. Or, you can paint your face with makeup and see if smoky eye is for you or maybe a more blue-ish palette works best. Warning: You may lose immense amounts of time entering a beauty rabbit hole.
  5. Make sure that you try out some of your own looks and don’t get stuck on the template makeovers available. After all, you’re an individual, let that creativity shine!

After you’ve done all the magical fun stuff, you can save your photos. If you have a hot date, ask your friend what is best on you. If you have a wedding event, get your partner to say “Yes!” or “No, babe!”. It’s fun and easy and stress-free. Get your makeover on, online, today.

Final Thoughts

Online shopping is fabulous in so many ways – from shopping in the comfort of your own home to replenishing your most beloved products in a matter of minutes.

Whether you're trying on different beauty looks on an in-store smart mirror or your iPad, ModiFace's technology is revolutionizing the way we purchase cosmetics.

I mean, you can try them on without actually trying them on.

How cool is that?!

It'll be interesting to see how technology will continue to shape and influence the beauty industry.

Beauties, have you ever used ModiFace before? What was your experience? If not, are you interested in trying it?

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