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Time Well Slept

Why is it socially acceptable to tell someone they look tired? We aren’t allowed to say, “Wow, your outfit is a little off .” or ask “Is it time to get a haircut?” I hate when I hear this, as if being told I look haggard is going to somehow help my day go better. Well, wrong or right, you can combat the nasty comment by catching your zzz’s. Bedtime is far more crucial to looking your best than you might think! It gives you…

Time to repair

While you sleep, your body is at work for you! Finally! Growth hormone production is increased healing cells and tissues throughout the body. Missing sleep means missing repair time which is likely to show up on your face. Dark circles crop up, fine lines become more prominent, and your complexion turns dull and droopy. Just think of all the makeup you use to cover up what a little time in the sack can prevent!

Time to look better

Getting the right amount of sleep actually makes you appear more attractive! Get this- in one study, people rated photographs based on attractiveness and whether the individuals in the photos looked healthy or unhealthy as well as tired or not tired. The faces of sleep-deprived participants were ranked as less healthy, less attractive and more tired compared to when they were well rested!

Time for hydration

When you opt for the late night movie over sleep, you decrease the ability of the outer most skin barrier to recover from daily damage. This skin locks in moisture and prevents foreign microorganisms from getting in. These cells also contain keratin- a protein that keeps skin hydrated by preventing water from evaporating. Dehydration can cause your skin to appear droopy and trigger the classic sign of sleep deprivation—dark circles. There is less fluid to hide the blue blood vessels under your eyes making them more noticeable!

Time to turn over

When you sleep, it’s a regenerative time. If the skin cells don’t have a chance to turn over, you have dead ones sitting on top, causing the skin to look dull. Make sure you combine a good night’s sleep with your exfoliant!

Time for collagen

Your immune system also becomes compromised when you miss out on getting enough rest. These changes may affect collagen production. Collagen helps you look young and fresh by holding up your skin so it doesn’t wrinkle and sag.

Time to clear up

We all know when we lose sleep we get stressed. Stress is the worst because it causes levels of cortisol to spike. This hormone breaks down skin cells and is linked to acne and weight gain. Basically you don’t want a rise in this stuff!

Who knew? Here we are making sure we don’t leave the house without mascara and concealer when we really should be focused on the night before! Here’s wishing you a very good night’s sleep!


Thanks for your information, Alana; I knew some of this but not all. However, I need a reminder anyway because I have been staying up late way too long. I intend to print this, and put it up somewhere for me to see, maybe even in a couple places.

Keep providing the info, please.


Kimberly @ 2011-07-28 7:06am

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