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The Wonders Of Elemis

Elemis is one of the leading spas and skincare brands in the world. Each year, nearly 6.5 million guests visit the Elemis spa. Millions of clients return to the spa because of the uniquely effective products. The use of naturally active ingredients has allowed Elemis to market an excellent variety of anti-aging products and therapies others do not offer. Elemis day-spa flagships can be found in London, Hong Kong, Miami and several other locations. In addition, professional spa-therapies and products can be found at exclusive salons, high-end retail stores, and luxurious resorts and/or cruise lines. Regardless of location, any Elemis spa treatment is guaranteed to be a relaxing, lavish treat!

The anti-aging skincare products offered by Elemis are award winning with powerful results. Elemis’ formulations of active ingredients were created to give astonishing results. The products created by Elemis share one common fact: they are designed to give the maximum therapeutic motion and activity. From the beginning of Elemis, every product was designed and geared for use in a professional salon. With that said, each product is reliable and as powerful and beneficial as an in-spa-treatment but within the comfort of your home. The treatments available are the foundation of Elemis’ lifestyle views and outlook on beauty care. Each product and treatment has been designed to respect the natural physiology of skin. After an Elemis spa treatment, you are sure to feel and see visible results. After all, being pampered with a unique massage with sequences unlike any other or a stress relieving, invigorating facial, what is there to complain about?

Unlike other many other Spa companies and brands, Elemis constantly updates and reevaluates their products ingredients. Elemis’ goals include striving for being up to date with new discoveries relating to skin scienc

es. Elemis is considered one of the best spas and product lines for the ever-evolving lifestyles of people today.My absolute favorite Elemis product is Pro-Collagen Marine Cream. This product is AMAZING because it is CLINICALLY proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkle depth by up to 78% and increase hydration and moisture levels by up to 45%. Who wouldn't want this?


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