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Your skin speaks volumes about your health. Think about it, when you see a person with good skin you assume that they must be taking care of themselves. Glowing skin is a wonderful sign of good physical and mental health. Glowing skin also exudes positive attitude and good health. On the contrary, studies have shown that dull skin can be a sign of an unhealthy body and mind. It may indicate lack of care and probably a presence of harmful factors. Skin protects our body as it forms a protective layer, acting as a defense shield, stopping harmful toxins from entering the body. The toxins in our body are also flushed out through the skin in the form of perspiration. Skin care is important to keep our body in a healthy state (It’s not just for our great appearance!). This includes providing the skin with necessary nutrients and maintaining a healthy diet. The products used on the skin should be natural and organic instead of containing chemicals. If you take care of yourself on all these points, you will have a nice glowing skin.Exercising and eating healthy will contribute to flawless skin

Diet plays a hugely important role in the condition and health of the skin. It is ok to give into our temptations and get oily, delicious junk food occasionally, but you also need to eat good fats. Good fat is what is needed to build up the cells, hormones and membrane. If a body is deprived of this fat, it may cause breakouts, eczema and acne. The skin will then get dry and dull. Some sources of this fat are flaxseed oil, walnut oil, fish oil and cold water fish. Include these in your diet for a healthy glowing skin. Even on the bad eating days you will get your necessary vitamin intake. Apart from this, one should eat a well balanced diet with minerals, proteins, vitamins and those good fats. Excess sugar should be cut off from one’s diet because it will enter the blood stream. This can result in the glucose molecule destroying the protein molecule which can in turn cause breakdown of ligaments and collagen. This causes wrinkles and older looking skin.

If one follows these points, the skin will be radiant and healthy. Remember a key way to stay healthy internally and externally is to drink plenty of water to help flush out the toxins and make sure to exercise regularly!

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