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The Perfect Anti-Aging Routine!

Lets face it; we all want to look younger. We spend hundreds on skin care products, facials, and treatments. Wouldn’t it be great if we could achieve perfect skin by a simple six-step routine? Well, with the help from doctors, I have found the ultimate plan to diminish any wrinkles you have and to prevent any more from surfacing.

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Step One: During the day, use a fragrance-free, gentle cleanser for any skin type. This will help those that are not sure about their skin type.

Step Two: Help protect your skin by using powerful, effective ingredients. Green tea, vitamins C and E, and resveratrol are ingredients that you should try and look for. These ingredients will help block free-radical damage and prevent the break down of collagen, which can cause wrinkles.

Step Three: Sunscreen! Whether you are inside or outside, lather up on some SPF. It may be easier if you just use a tinted sunscreen as part of your makeup routine.

Step Four: In the evening, try using a lightweight cleanser. Apply the cleanser in circular motions to help increase blood circulation to the skin. If you have drier skin, try looking for a creamier cleanser. If you are more on the oily side, gel tends to work better. Then, pat dry your skin.

Step Five: Retinol is a powerful ingredient that really works. Although it may be irritating, exfoliation is key to help remove wrinkles. When trying out a retinol product, start with just a pea-sized amount. Try, Epicuren’s Retinol Anti-Wrinkle Complex. Make sure to only use a retinol product in the evening.

Step Six: Moisturizing is essential. Try using a good anti-wrinkle night cream. Skinceuticals has a great A.G.E-Interrupter Cream that works wonders!

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