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Ten Simple And Cheap Ways To Look Fabulous!

We constantly read tips online about how we can take care of our skin. Often times, we feel as though the article does not relate to us. I have found ten basic beauty tips that everyone can relate and use. Check them out!

1. Use a toner! Using a toner after you cleanse your skin is essential! Toners help to tighten and firm our skin.

2. If you are in rush and need to quickly dry your nails, try to dip them in cold water. This will help so your nails are smudge free!

3. Instead of buying a clarifying shampoo, try using apple cider vinegar. It costs half the price and will help just as much. For an at home treatment: mix two parts water with one part apple cider vinegar. This can also help with dandruff!

4. Do not cake on makeup. Less is more! Wearing too much makeup can cause your skin to break out and produce more oil on your face.

5. Surprisingly enough, what kind of pillowcase you use matters! If you want to prevent premature wrinkles, try using a silk pillowcase.

6.If you run out of mascara and need a quick fix, try Vaseline! Interestingly enough, Vaseline works wonders on eyelashes. It is moisturizing and nourishes them.

7. Shea butter me up! Shea butter is wonderful at healing dry skin. It can also help with stretch marks and cellulite when massaged in!

8. You know that tingling feeling your lips get when you use a lip plumper? That feeling causes your lips to swell and make them look plumped up. If you are looking for a cheap replacement, try cayenne pepper! First, apply a good lip balm or gloss then add a wee bit of cayenne pepper. Your lips will look luscious in no time!

9. Oatmeal or cornmeal are great options to use for a quick at home scrub. Mixed with your favorite cleansing cream, this combination should help brighten your complexion!

10. To cancel the redness out of any blemish, try using a green concealer! Green concealers work great and no one can ever tell I just broke out!

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