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Ten Rational Diet Commandments

Do you want some of my secret tips on how to lose weight? Most of us may try to shed off the extra pounds so that we can be bathing suit ready for summer, but are choosing wrong ways that may have the opposite effect of what you need! If you follow the wrong diet, you may end up gaining all the weight back. Follow these tips below to help lose weight and keep the weight off.

  • No Quick Fixes: Remember there are no quick fixes for losing weight. Extreme dieting does not work and even if you lose weight easily by extreme dieting, it tends to come back easily too. The basic idea is to increase the metabolism to burn more calories and to increase metabolism of the body, one has to increase physical activity. If there is a sudden decrease of calories, the metabolism will slow down drastically. The best way to lose weight is to exercise and eat a healthy diet for improvement in health in the long term. I know, I know, it sounds exhausting. But trust me, it’s what you have to do!
  • Love Yourself Now: Don’t wait to achieve a size zero to love yourself. Be happy with your body and stay confident. Do not let your weight or figure bother you so much that you lose your confidence and happiness. Love yourself; stay happy and the world will be a better place for you. It’s like the saying, “mind over matter.” You must love yourself first!
  • Wear Your Size: Do not squeeze yourself into clothes that improperly fit. Wear the right size and be comfortable, you will feel good and look good. Tight clothes will make you feel uncomfortable and will do nothing to feel good about your body (at least I am not fan of it).
  • Be You: Everyone has different eating habits and you cant totally change that. Be yourself but work on what you got. If you crave for sweets, try replacing it with a sweet fruit. Instead of eating strawberry ice cream, I like to take a couple of fresh strawberries and put a dollop of low fat cool whip on top of them(so yummy)! If you like big meals, include more vegetables in your meals and if you are a grazer, include healthy foods in your diet. Most importantly, drink water, water and more water! This will help to fill you faster.
  • Do What You Like: Find an exercise that you like. Do not subject yourself to some exercise you hate doing. There is no point torturing yourself with exercises you do not enjoy instead do what you enjoy and also reap the benefits. I recommend trying a class with a friend! This will help to motivate you and will be fun.
  • Nobody’s Perfect: Nobody is perfect, remember that! Even the models seen in ads are imperfect. Accept the imperfections because we are all human. If we were all perfect, we would not be unique!
  • Keep Food Real: Eating more “real” food and less of processed foods will help out your diet immensely. Processed food should be cut down and natural foods should be consumed more as they contain lesser amount of fat, sodium and calories!
  • Be Your Own Judge: Everyone has a different kind of body. You be the best judge of your body and do not judge yourself according to the charts or figures. Judge what is right for you and your body. Do not compare yourself to a thinner person because her body type maybe different.
  • Flaunt Your Achievement: If you achieve your goals, it calls for a celebration! Do something for yourself like buy new jeans or get your hair done because reaching any goal is worth celebrating!
  • Weight Loss is Just Another Aspect of Life: Losing weight should be another aspect of life, not your aim in life! Do not waste your life living only to lose weight. Do not get obsessed with weight loss, there is so much more. It is more essential to stay healthy and live a happy life rather than only being worried about what you eat.


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