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Tanning Beds: What You Should Know!

Do you really know what you are doing when you visit a tanning bed? Have you kept up with the technology that has changed over the years to be more effective? The harmful affects of this “more effective” tanning bed are even worse! Why do people continue to subject their health to an increased risk for skin cancer? Because the 5 billion dollar a year tanning industry is lying to us!

The following misconceptions will keep you informed on the tanning bed reality.Tanning salons often claim and preach that tanning indoors is less dangerous than tanning outdoors. One of the most common sayings of a tanning salon employee is “tanning indoors is smarter than tanning outdoors”. They also say that the control UV exposure is smarter than subjecting your body to the changing UV rays outdoors. This is NOT true. Doctors and researchers have continuously said that the effects of the indoor tanning bed are worse for skins. Exposure to the longer wavelength UVA rays of a tanning bed damages your skin deeper than outdoor exposure. The higher concentration of these rays makes you that much more susceptible to skin cancer and damage. Tanning indoors increases your chance to develop melanoma 74% more than those who do not tan.

*Indoor tanning salons have said for years that you cannot become addicted to tanning. Research shows that a large portion of frequent tanners is in fact addicted to being tan. The term “tanorexia” has developed to describe those who are addicted. This group of tanners makes frequent trips to the tanning bed because they feel as though they are never tan enough. In addition, these people also disregard all warnings and 98% of the group says that the risks stop them from achieving their best tan.

*Never saying no. Plain and simple, tanning salons are in the moneymaking business. Unfortunately for those who are addicted to tanning re never turned away! Salon employees will often times “try” to discourage customers from tanning if they are burnt and/or if they have already been in outdoor sun exposure that day. You would think that a business you devote your money to that is supposed to care for your health and safety would say no when necessary, but have you ever heard of this happening? I think not, and it is scary what they will allow you to do!

*Tanning salons work for their money too. Almost all tanning salon employees can vouch to the fact that they are paid more depending on how much product and service they sell. Typically, a salon representative will aim to sell the more intense tanning beds. These beds cost more as well as they proved the most costly lotions. Salons that offer tanning beds and spray tanning are just as guilty! The point of a spray tan is to avoid UV exposure right? Well, most salons will actually try to get you to purchase a tanning bed session to achieve a base tan. Why? Their answer is usually something along the lines of “A base tan will give you a more natural, tan color rather than an orange tint”. I hope you know that there are great products that provide you with natural tan, without the “base-tan”.

*Tan skin doesn’t burn. Indoor tanning salons let people of all skin types’ tan regardless of their likeliness to burn. It’s a general rule of thumb that people with fair skin typically burn; however, tanning salons will often let pale complexioned people tan. With that said, some will even go as far as to say that the darker the tan, the less likely you are to burn in the sun. This comes in handy as a selling point to those who are planning vacations and/or special events. People burn inside tanning beds and outside in the sun; all of it is bad!

*Fighting for protection. Ultraviolet radiation from indoor tanning beds is one of the most dangerous, cancer causing hazards. Regardless of the dangers, there are no federal regulations to stop children under the age of 18 from tanning indoors. As it is now, a parental guardian can usually sign a waiver allowing their child (ages 14-18) to tan. Without being strictly enforced, several wonder how this happens. As I said before, tanning salon business is a huge moneymaker. I’ve seen toddlers and tiaras, it is disgusting! They are not concerned enough about your health or your children!

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