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More Summertime Beauty Tips For Beating The Heat

I adore summer, but there is no denying that there are certain pesky problems that come along with the heat. Today I want to share more of my favorite tips for beating the heat while enhancing your beauty and comfort. Are you ready for it?

No More "Summertime Sadness"

Choose Water Resistant - I highly recommend sticking to water resistant products over the summer months. Especially if you are prone to oily/combo skin. This will help ensure a more "budge proof" result for beautiful makeup that lasts all day long! Some of my favorite products are Blinc's "Kiss Me" Mascara, Blinc's Ulthrathin Liquid Eyeliner Pen, Lycogel's Breathable Camouflage SPF 30, PCA Skin Very Active Water/Sweat Resistant SPF 45, and more!

Aloe at the End of the Day - If you've spent a lot of time in the sun without reapplying your sunscreen as needed , aloe may be a great idea! If nothing else, this will help to instill soothing moisture to your skin. I am a huge fan of Epicuren's Aloe Vera Calming Gel, Epicuren's Refresh Aloe Cucumber Mist, and Eminence Organics' Aloe Mint Hydrating Cream Gel for Face and for Body.

Skip Your Perfume - I know it may be hard to ditch your signature scent for the summer months, but let me share my reasons why. First, you should be using a sunscreen each and every day, and yes there are many that smell fabulous. Give yourself the motivation to keep slathering it on by allowing that to be your signurature scent. Second, traditional perfumes tend to be an attractant for mosquitoes and gnats, which are even more abundant during the summer months. Do yourself a favor and reach for natural sunscreen options as opposed to your traditional department store fragrances. I absolutely love both COOLA Sport Continuous Spray Sunscreen Pina Colada SPF 35 and COOLA Sport Continuous Spray Sunscreen Citrus Mimosa SPF 35 for a delectable summertime scent.

Protect Your Hair - People often aren't away of just how much the sun can damage your hair. My top recommendation is to embrace wearing hats! I guarantee you can find one cute hats to rock this summer. This is the best way to keep your hair healthy, as it prevents the sun damage in the first place. Another fabulous option is Alterna's Caviar CC Cream, which is a leave-in hair product that helps to moisturize, shine, smooth, soften, manage, and strengthen the hair while providing UV protection, heat protection, and anti-breakage support. Definitely adopt a deep conditioner as well!

Eliminate Oil - On the hottest of days, sometimes even the best of makeup can't keep oily shine away. This is not only unflattering, it also imposes the possibility of clogged pores . My favorite way of whisking away oil is Colorescience Sunforgettable Mineral Powder Brush SPF 30. Why? Because not only does this product help to absorb oil, it also gives you fabulous SPF protection and light coverage. I carry this product with me everywhere I go, year round. Another option is to carry blotting papers with you, my two favorites are Eminence Organics Green Tea & Hemp Blotting Tissues and Glo Minerals Blotting Papers.

Exfoliate - If you tend to neglect exfoliation, stop! Exfoliating your skin is the best way to ensure a radiant, youthful appearance. Also, it helps to extend to life of your self tanner, which I am a huge advocate of. If you wish for a golden-bronze, get it from a bottle, not a UV tanning bed or the sun.

Going to the Pool? - Chlorine is another summertime culprit of damaged hair. I have heard it upon good authority that running sunscreen through your strands helps to form a barrier against chlorine while protecting from the sun. Another option is running your hair under the shower head, as this will prevent it from absorbing as much chlorine .

When it comes to a summertime beauty routine, if you aren't sure, ASK! Protecting your skin is even more important than simply beautify it, which is why I always recommend wearing and maintaining an SPF routine.

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