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Summer Skincare Mistakes & Fixes

Summer brings about a plethora of good times, including pool days, BBQ's, and more! But lets me honest, it isn't the kindest season on the skin. From sunburns to bug bites, I wanted to put together a list of common summer skincare mistakes, and how to remedy them for a beautifully healthy summer! Are you ready for it?

Hello Summer

1. Passing on the SPF - Everyone who knows me knows that I am all about sunscreen. I recommend wearing it every day, and reapplying every 2 hours, and am constantly sharing my tips for which products to use and how to apply them. Click here for my posting about the "when" and "how" of summer sunscreens. Passing on the SPF leads to a host of issues, from sun burn, to age spots, to wrinkles, to skin cancer. NONE of them are desirable, and none of them are worth having a golden tan. We live in 2014, people! It is time to hop on the self-tanning band wagon and kiss sun tanning goodbye.

2. Skimping on the SPF - SO, you finally decided to make applying sunscreen a part of your AM routine, and that is fantastic! However, it is important to remember how to apply it, and how often. You should always apply your sunscreen 30-60 minutes before sun exposure for optimal protection, and you should plan to reapply every 2 hours . Using sunscreen is only the first step - reapply needs to be part of the routine for best results.

3. Neglecting Your Peepers - Have you been looking for an excuse to buy those adorable sunglasses you've so desperately desired? I am giving you one, today! Sunglasses are not only a fabulous fashion accessory, but they also help to protect the delicate skin around your eyes from sun damage. For best results, look for a pair the provides at least 99% UV protection against both UVA & UVB rays. The time you'll save squinting will also help to prevent crows feet, which is just another added bonus.

4. Hair Removal Right Before The Beach - I am so guilty of this! I get an unexpected invitation to the beach and realize I need to shave or wax my legs. The truth is, your skin is always more sensitive post-shave or wax, and exposing it to the elements is not the greatest of ideas, and can cause irritation. I recommend planning ahead by shaving at least a few hours before, to give your skin time to recover. If you can fit it in the evening before, even better!

5. Dehydration - I find that I am almost always on-the-go over the summer, and it is easy to forget to get my 8 glasses in. However, a dehydrated body not healthy> also leads to dull, dehydrated skin. Make it a priority to drink your 8 glasses each day. I love mixing it up with chilled coconut waters for an on-the-go treat and I always have my water pitcher filled for quick-and-easy refills.

6. Itching Bug Bites - The warm weather is a wonderland for mosquitos and other bugs, which means more bug bites over the summer. Do yourself a favor and don't itch! It may feel good while you are scratching, but you are actually causing my inflammation and damage to the skin, meaning it will only continue to itch more. You will also be making your skin more prone to infection, since you will be agitating it. Instead, whip out the calamine lotion or aloe vera to help soothe the skin, and do your best to redirect your focus.

7. Forgetting Your Feet - I don't know about you, but I live in my sandals over the summer. And naturally, my heels start to become much more cracked and dry. Remedy this by exfoliating and moisturizing daily. And don't forget to slather on the SPF on the tops of your feet to avoid sunburn, wrinkles, age spots, and skin cancer.

8. Using The Wrong Products - I understand that your winter skincare items may have been pricey, and you don't want to put them to rest. But skin conditions tend to shift with the weather, which means your needs have likely shifter as well. For instance, I experience very dry skin during the winters, where my skin leans more towards oily/combo over the summer. Using my luxurious winter products tend to break me out over the summer, which is not helpful considering I like to go bare-face most of the time. Assess your skincare needs as the seasons change to be sure that you are using the right products for the season!

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