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Skincare by Alana Spotlight: Mineral-Based Sunscreen With Brett Blumenthal

We were pleased to be given a shout-out by the lovely Brett Blumenthal, Sheer Balance Blogger and Author, on a fabulous Better Connecticut segment earlier this summer! And of course, with the heat cranking up for August and September, it is very important to get your sunscreen on, in full effect!

Mineral-Based Sunscreen

Skincare by Alana talks about Brett Blumenthals recent shoutout - Mineral SunscreenAs Brett Blumenthal talked about in her post, there are definitely many pros to selecting mineral-based sunscreens over chemical-based! Now, of course, I know you’re wanting an explanation.

Brett informed readers that many of the chemicals used in your everyday, traditional sunscreen products have been linked to “allergies, respiratory issues, hormone disruption, and skin irritation.” As a skincare professional, I attest to those statements! And while some may find no issue with chemical-based sunscreens at all, there are more sensitive others who are exposing themselves to chemicals that are definitely avoidable!

Mineral sunscreens are fabulous, namely because the good brands will be chemical-fee or, at the very least, HARSH chemical-free>. The two main ingredients to keep your eyes peeled for are Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide, as these do wonders when it comes to repelling the sun naturally!

Mineral-Based Favs

  • Skincare by Alana brings you fav Mineral Sunscreens, as discussed by Brett Blumenthal on Better Connecticut!Epicuren X-Treme Cream SPF 45—I cannot even express just how impressed I am with this product. This sunscreen not only protects you from the sun, naturally, but it also helps to nourish and repair the skin with Brazilian Propolis. What is Brazilian Propolis, you ask? This ingredient, produced by bees, is a strong anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial agent. I also enjoy the fact that though high in SPF, this product smooths and absorbs into the skin as smoothly as a serum would! Apply alone, or use under your favorite makeup! I personally enjoy this as a moisturizer.
  • Skincare by Alana brings you favorite mineral sunscreens, as discussed by Brett Blumenthal on Better Connecticut.Dermalogica Oil Free Matte SPF 30—This lightweight, ultra-sheer Broad Spectrum sun block helps to prevent shine, regulates oil production, and soothes inflammation. So, of course, this is perfect for those who struggle with oily skin. Oil-absorbers help maintain an all-day matte finish without a powdery residue. This product is formulated sans artificial fragrance or colors.
  • Skincare by Alana brings you favorite mineral sunscreens, as discussed by Brett Blumenthal on Living Connecticut!Eminence Organics Sun Care Starter SetIf you’ve read my 5 to Survive, then you are no stranger to this fabulous product! Incorporating a variety of sun-friendly treats, this sun care starter set is perfect for travel, trips to the beach, and many other outdoor activities! And of course, the Aloe Mint Hydrating Cream Gel is simply amazing for those accidental sunburns!
  • Skincare by Alana brings you favorite Mineral Sunscreens, as discussed by Brett Blumenthal on Better Connecticut.COOLA Mineral SunscreensI couldn’t lump this down to just one of their products, because in all honesty, they are all great! Coming in a variety of different uses and scents , these mineral sunscreens are 99% natural, and 100% amazing!
  • Skincare by Alana brings you favorite Mineral Sunscreens, as discussed by Brett Blumenthal on Better Connecticut.NIA 24 Sun Damage Prevention 100% Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30This particular sunscreen gives users a 3-in-one kick. How is that, you ask? By providing 100% mineral-based broad spectrum protection from the sun , and by helping to repair sun-damaged skin, all while promoting skin health, texture, and tone. This product is also oil-free and known for its quick absorption into the skin!

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