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Skincare Advice To Get You Through Your 20’s

Ah, your twenties: a time for self-discovery, freedom, and of course, the discovery of preventative skincare! Its true, most 20-somethings get to enjoy beautiful skin that simply needs to be fed to keep up the good work. Getting into the groove of “good skincare” during this age is critical, and will help you stay looking fresh-faced well into your 30’s and beyond! Are you ready for it?

Skincare Advice: 20

  1. Don’t Forget To Clean It Up – I know that 20-something life is busy especially if you are a student, employee, parent, etc.>, but it is crucial that you take the 10 minutes out of your day to cleanse every morning and evening. This will help you prevent breakouts now and large pores later>, so developing this habit is seriously essential to smoother, younger looking skin.
  2. Protect Yourself From The Sun – you can still rock a gorgeous glowing tan without exposing your skin to harmful UV rays. So many people go sans-sunscreen in their twenties, and wonder why their skin looks discolored or wrinkled in their thirties. Trust me, this is something you DO NOT want to experience. Sun damage is irreversible, even after your sunburn heals. Try to wear at least SPF 20 on your face. For longer days out in the sun, try SPF 40 and up! I love to double up my protection with sunscreen and Osmosis’ UV Protection Harmonized H20.
  3. Exfoliate Your Skin – Don’t be afraid to invest in a quality exfoliant! This will help prevent buildup in your skin which is fabulous for combating acne and blackheads> by removing dirt, oil, and dead skin cells. The results are not just long term, every time I exfoliate my face I feel like my skin has a refreshed glow. You will seriously become addicted to this beauty routine. Just try it!
  4. Put Down The Pack – If you are a smoker, I am sure you have been given the long lecture as to why cigarettes are bad for you. Smoking is one of the fastest ways to age your skin. And no, your skin is not going to “be just fine” just because you are young. I know so many people who look back wishing they had just quit, because they look 10-15 years older than their true age. Seriously!
  5. Go Healthy & Get Fit – Eating well and exercising won’t just help you keep the extra meat off of your hips, it will actually help to improve the quality of your skin. Not to mention, it simply makes you feel good!
  6. Easy On The Eyes – So many of my 20-something clients come to me without even the thought of using eye creams. Yes, your skin is still fresh and beautiful around your eyes lucky you>, but if you want that to stretch well beyond your twenties, you are going to want to find a quality eye cream. The skin surrounding your eyes is extremely delicate, so blot your cream on instead of rubbing.

Yes, your twenties are a fabulous time. Enjoy it and simply take good care of yourself! Its up to you to decide how long your beautiful skin will last.

Stay tuned for my Skincare Advice To Get You Through Your 30’s post!



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