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Skin Preparation For Summer!

Summer is around the corner and it’s time to start flaunting your skin. With all the cute dresses and shorts to wear, you have to make sure to take care of your whole body. So let’s prepare ourselves now! To look after your skin, follow these steps starting now to prepare your skin for the summer:

  • Exfoliate: In the war weather especially, it is very important to exfoliate your skin to remove dead and drying skin. Over time, our skin becomes rough and scaly as the dead cells gather on the surface. Gross, right? Exfoliating will help to rid you of dead skin and other pollutants that have accumulated on the skin. To exfoliate rough areas, like the heel and elbows, it is better to soak the area in warm water before scrubbing. I get soft, glowing skin by using vitamin-based scrubs. Be careful if you have sensitive skin and are exfoliating, you can irritate your skin a lot more easily. I try to exfoliate at least once a week and you should too!
  • Moisturize: The next step you have to do after exfoliating is to moisturize. The exfoliation process will dry your skin and leave it immune to picking up unwanted toxins and pollutants. Make sure you are applying your moisturizer while your skin is damp (not soaked) so that it absorbs the product well. Next, use a light lotion on your face, neck and décolleté. Try not to use light lotions for your body or use body products on face, there is a reason they are made for one or the other! The skin on your face and neck is softer and more sensitive, unlike those rough elbows and heels.
  • Switch to Lighter Serums: I absolutely love my serums! It is essential that you switch your skincare regime according to the fluctuating weather. For the warmer season, it is better to use lighter serums because some lotions can be heavy and can actually increase your oil production. Lotions or serums will provide greater moisture and smooth your skin without making the skin oily or uncomfortable.
  • Stick to the Routine: Make your skincare routine a habit. If you follow the same steps every day, you will be more likely to provide your skin the tender love and care that it deserves. Think of it like going to the gym, if you just go once, you won’t notice any changes, but with a routine, you will find great results.
  • Choose the Right Product: If you are going to spend money on skincare, wouldn’t you want to make sure that it is actually worthwhile? The products that work best for my skin are ones that include alpha-hydroxy acid and hyaluronic acid. These acids help to get rid of the dead cells and hold moisture without causing excess oil production. For the chest and back look for glycerin, as it moisturizes without clogging pores. For your arms and legs, use products that have lactic acid and urea. These two ingredients specialize in removing dead skin cells and softening those tough areas! You can also use lactic and glycolic acid for rough areas such as elbows and heels. My advice for you would be to try the NEW Rhonda Allison Summer Survival Kit. This kit includes all the essential products you will need for summer. The products are very refreshing and will revitalize your skin.

Just an extra tip for you: If you are going to exfoliate your feet, make sure you moisturize them and then put socks! This will ensure that those smooth soles remain fresh and clean! Socks will also help to seal the moisture in while keeping them soft and touch


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