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Baby, it's Cold Outside!

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Winter is here! (well, I’ll be honest, not here in sunny Orange County…it’s actually 80 degrees. You hate me, right?) But I know most of you are battling the drying effects of the frigid winter. Allow me to be your winter skin care guide!

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1. Help your Hands
Hands take the brunt of winter since the skin is exposed. The skin covering your hands is actually thinner skin than most other body parts and have fewer oil glands! Pay special attention to them by wearing gloves outside, preferably a cotton glove under wool ones to fight irritation. I recommend using a hand crème instead of body lotion because hand creams are thicker. If you haven't smelled the loveliness of the Lollia line ($14) you are truly missing out! Trust me, you will look for any excuse to lather this on!

Olivia Wilde is a winter beauty!

2. Go for Dry!
Little known fact- wet socks and gloves actually irritate skin and cause itching, cracking and even eczema. Resist the urge to stick yours in damp or wet ones!

3. Humidifier! (Your winter houseguest)
I’m a wuss when it comes to the cold. If it goes below 70 I crank the heater immediately! The problem is central heating systems c(as well as space heaters) blast hot dry air throughout our homes and offices taking away cold (yay) and moisture in the air (bummer). Humidifiers are the easiest way to add much needed moisture to the air.

4. H20
I say it all the time- DRINK WATER. Staying hydrated on the inside is your best defense again drying out on the outside. Even though it’s winter and a tall glass of water isn’t as appealing, it’s still essential that you get in your full amount.

5. For the love of Feet!
Many of my clients skip out on caring for their feet since they don’t show in winter like they do in summer sandals. Unfortunately, winter takes it’s toll here as well. Love yours with a lotion that contains petroleum jelly or glycerin and exfoliate dead skin regularly so your products can absorb. Tela Organics Foot Creme ($18) uses natural ingredients like pomegranate, horsetail and kiwi to exfoliate and hydrate. Read Treat your Feet! for the ultimate guide for caring for your pair. You can find many skin care by alana coupon for a discount on winter care services at SkincarebyAlana.com

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6. Peel Carefully
You know I’m a fan of adding a mask or peel into your beauty regimen. In the harsh winter, you need to be aware of the drying effects on your skin. Avoid harsh peels or alcohol based toners if you start to notice dryness and flakiness. Swap your facial cleanser for a milk-based one in winter as well. Rhonda Allison Gentle Milk Cleanser ($11) is a soothing and delicate option for the colder months.

7. Not Hot
I get it, especially in winter you want to jump in the hot tub or warm up in a hot shower. It feels amazing! But beware; your skin is paying a price. The heat from a shower or bath breaks down the lipid barriers in skin causing dehydration. Try and keep it to a "warm" temperature and stay in there only as long as you have to.

8. Professional Care
There’s normal dry and then there is abnormally dry. If you feel you are suffering from the latter, it may be time to seek professional care. You can email me or visit a local esthetician that can look at your skin and recommend a stronger product for your problem areas.

Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster with HA

9. Moisturizer!
This is probably no surprise, but you need to use the right moisturizer on your face and body. The stuff that works just fine in the summer is most likely not strong enough for the harsh winter.

The number one product secret I can offer you is Hyaluronic Acid (HA). It sounds scary and chemical but it's actually the opposite. HA is the molecule in every cell that binds to water and lubricates the body. It's 100% natural and skincare geniuses found a way to bottle it up and stick it in products! This stuff is amazing! You will notice an instant difference when applied! Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster ($54) has HA and instantly hydrates and smooths fine lines. You'll LOVE this stuff!

Another option is Aloe Vera. Epicuren figured out how to keep the natural hydration of aloe while eliminating the ingredient that makes it sticky. Hello! Who's been waiting for that all their life? Pick up Epicuren Aloe Vera Calming Gel ($10) here!

If you are snowed in and just can’t wait for a shipment, the best at home remedy is no further than you kitchen cupboard-olive oil! You can absolutely lather it on your skin, cuticles and ends of your hair. These essential oils fight dry skin and won’t cost a thing!

Heidi Klum and Henry bundle up for the cold!

10. Y.E.S to S.P.F.
A common mistake clients make is shoving their sunscreen away with the towels and bikinis when they should consider it a year-round product. The winter sun can still damage your skin! Wear your sunscreen every day. No exceptions!

Alright ladies, I’m off to the beach! ..Just kidding. But really, I hope you survive winter! I’m here for you!


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