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Sexy, Smooth, Summer Legs In Five Easy Steps

Summer is here and so are the hot days and steamy nights we all look forward to! Dare to be bold this summer by wearing super short shorts, micro-mini skirts, and the shortest dresses in your closet. There is no reason to be afraid to show off those legs if you follow these five easy steps to sexy summer legs. After this, you will be ready to flaunt!

Soft, Silky Skin is Always Better

To achieve the silkiest legs, first use a body scrub. Always apply this scrub in a circular motion for the best results. Dry knees and ankles are problem areas, and will require extra time. The perfect scrub has moisturizing oils to prevent dry skin and flakiness.

After using a bath scrub, eliminate any red areas or bumps you may have on your legs by using a Lac-Hydrin cream. By using a cream such as this, it will provide the skin with lactic acids to eliminate prickly patches fast. Be sure the Lac-Hydrin cream has a 2.5 - 3% formula--- or you may prefer a prescription formula.

If you are one of those females who worry about your skin “jiggling” on your legs, there is a solution! Try putting a firming body lotion on before going out. Most of these lotions have two key ingredients: caffeine and seaweed extract. Together, these ingredients temporarily tighten and firm the skin.

I have found thatImage SkinCare Body Spa Cell U Lift Firming Body Crème is perfect for my clients

Be Brave, Bare It All!

Four blades are better than one! Razors with four blades allow you to only have to pass over hair one time rather than multiples passes over your skin. Passing a razor over the same area multiple times causes skin to be dry and flaky.

Be picky when it comes to buying the perfect shave gel or cream. Look for products with silicone, cellulosic gum, and oil. Shaving creams with these ingredients will prevent redness from occurring by allowing the razor to slide right over your legs.

Also, shave at the end of the shower, and don’t hurry! Your skin actually responds better when you do it last. The steam and hot water softens the hair, which makes shaving even easier.

Waxing is by far the best choice because it removes the hair from the follicle and not just the surface. You can avoid frequently shaving altogether if you can handle waxing. This will leave your legs soft and silky for weeks rather than days. So try and handle the waxing pain because it’s

Tip: Should any ingrown hairs occur, and it seems like they always do, don’t pick at them! Purchase a glycolic and salicylic acid face cleanser to apply to the ingrown hairs. Use a cotton ball, massaging the affected area. This will help open the hair follicle back up and allow the hair to pass through.

Try Epicuren Glycolic Polymer Solution.

Bronze Beauty

If you are like me, your legs are super, almost embarrassingly, pale from the winter months. It’s ok, you’re not alone! To avoid that awkward feeling of having super white legs, build your color back up with a gradual self-tanner. Start by applying your chosen self- tanner each day for 5-6 days. After you have reached a “peak” color that you are comfortable with, reapply the lotion every other day to maintain your gorgeous glow!

If you’d rather avoid lotion as a self-tanner, try a quick bronzing oil for the perfect golden glow! However, know that this type of color only lasts until you wash it off in the shower. Aside from lotions and oils, there are sunless tan towelettes. Towelettes are another option, giving your legs a golden, beach tint that will last about a week and are available in a variety of shades.

Be sure to apply any sunless-tanner evenly using broad motions. On areas prone to more dry skin such as knees and elbows, mix the tanner with a moisturizer to reduce dark spots.

Tan Towels

are the BEST! They don’t streak and look super natural!

Tip: Invest in Latex rubber gloves if you plan to use self-tanner towelettes regularly. Wearing gloves ensures that your hands will not absorb the color meant for your legs.

Tip: Streaks? Dark Spots? Too Orange? No problem! Taking a shower will usually help fade away any areas you are concerned about. However, if the shower doesn’t help, there is a trick I use. Take a bath and add a cup of milk to your bath water. Milk is rich with lactic acids that will help fade the color to reach your ultimate bronze shade!

Pretty Toes To Accent Bronze Legs!

Follow these four easy steps for flawless nails that will compliment your sexy, summer legs!

  • Trim and Shape your toenails. Be sure to cut your toenails straight across rather than round. Round edges can lead to super painful ingrown toenails.
  • Use a pumice block regularly to soften your feet by ridding any rough skin and calluses. Once all dead skin is removed, apply a foot scrub, followed by a moisturizing lotion. Avoid getting lotion onto the actual toenails.
  • Remove cuticles. If cuticles are a problem for you, use a damp washcloth over cuticles and apply cuticle oil. Allow the cuticle oil to penetrate the skin for a few minutes. Take off any greasy residue that may be left around your nails.
  • Pick a color! The best way to make your polish last is to apply a base coat followed by two layers of your choice nail polish. The use of a bright, flashy toe nail polish color will help show off your sexy, summer legs!

A Perfect Finish

Watch out for corners! There is nothing worse than nasty looking bruises on your gorgeous summer legs! If you bump into something, be sure to ice the area to avoid unnecessary swelling.

There’s no way to rid our bodies of cellulite, but we can reduce the appearance of cellulite. Look for lotions with circulation boosting ingredients such as guarana, tea, and coffee. Increasing circulation will help reduce the “puckering”.

Tip: Reduce your salt intake to alleviate any extra puffiness.

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