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Rhonda Allison Suggestions for Anti Aging Products

Here is a common question I get about Rhonda Allison anti aging products. Rhonda makes so many products, at times it is hard to pick the right lineup for your skin type. Never fear, I am here to help.

Question: Hi Alana! I am a 60 year old lady and would like to know what Rhonda Allison products I should use. I have been using Dermalogica products and they state "anti-aging". Also I wanted to say how much I enjoy ordering from you as it always gets to me so soon.

Answer: Lets start with the basics! Some ingredients are available over the counter that you can use to combat fine lines and brown spots such as glycolic acids and lactic acids. Please make sure that you are using products with high quality ingredients, and no harsh preservatives. Rhonda Allison is a good place to start.

Rhonda Allison skin care products use natural ingredients to preserve the products. Rhonda has some great ant-aging products that I think you would like to try! I would recommend:

Beta A Conditioner- This product is great to help reduce fine lines, minimize pores, and help to give your skin an overall youthful look! This serum can be used after your cleanser 2-3 times a week overnight.

Rhonda Allison Elite eEGF- This cream may be combined with other serums or by itself. Enhanced with peptides, this product will help the human body's own mechanism to product collagen. After approximately 6 months of usage, 350% fewer wrinkles, enhanced firming and hydrating was shown.

Rhonda has many more anti aging products that you can research, and they are all available from our web site, click here to see them.

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